Decluttering as a working mom

You work outside of the home, and that means you have unique decluttering challenges and experiences. 

Your time is at home is dramatically reduced which makes decluttering as a working mom uniquely challenging. Most notably in how you spend your time. You spend a large chunk of your days away from home, and away from your kids. Logistically you are physically away which means the time you have to declutter is dramatically reduced.
And if you're like me I used to measure the minutes I was able to spend with them when I worked outside the home. The additional layer of mom guilt from that, plus the reduced time at home is hard. There is no way to really say it. 

Your scheduling is harder because you are away from home as a working mom.

For most of us when we get home we want to relax, and spend time with our families. Not do more work. And I totally get it, because when I decluttered I was a working mom, too. It stretched me to the max.  But there are a lot of strengths you have as a working mom. 

The strengths you have.

It is easier to compartmentalize your time and schedule it. It's well known that you must master your time when working outside of the home.

The key here is to schedule in your decluttering times. And remember that this is a short term sacrifice that will pay you dividends in the future and free up your time, energy, money, creativity and ability to generate money/careers etc. You will not need to declutter every night or weekend you get forever, and you will get to a place where you can come home and rest, play and relax. 

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