How to declutter before maternity leave

Most of you reading this are in a season, or have had a season of having babies.

One question I get often is “should I declutter before my maternity leave or during”. I believe decluttering before maternity leave is the best time to declutter.

I have had four babies of my own, and only two of them were post-decluttering. My postpartum phases were much harder before decluttering. 

I know when you're pregnant, you are tired and don't want to do more

But that exhaustion doesn't go away once the baby is here. it just changes. Often times it gets amplified. 

I don't say that to freak you out, I say that to prepare you. You don't magically have more time and energy after pregnancy. 

The more you can do BEFORE you are responsible for a new life on the outside the better.

Ask for help. Delegate. Think of your future self. You won't want to do the decluttering after baby is here. In fact, you will have a lot more to actually declutter as well because new babies = new stuff.

Decluttering before your maternity leave or postpartum will pay you dividends in the form of time

Time and energy are our most precious commodities. Especially in motherhood and the postpartum phase.

We all want more time and energy. Wishing we could go back to the days of those new baby snuggles and moments is so common. Most of us feel like it is a blur, because it is. But it doesn't need to feel like a burdensome blur because we were drowning in clutter and messes while it happened. 

You can do this in bite sized pieces and it doesn't have to take forever

Especially while pregnant. You just don't have the physical energy to go all out. If you have other children, work and just life in general you definitely don't have that kind of time.

But you don't have to approach it from an all or nothing stand point. Focus on decluttering the most important things. Ask yourself what the most impactful space to declutter will be before the baby comes.

Is it simplifying the kitchen so dishes and meals are easy to manage? Maybe it's laundry so that you aren't living out of laundry piles. Or toys. Cleaning up those toys all day long is exhausting and you won't have time for it when the new baby is here. 

It could be all of the above. 

No matter how much you have to declutter, Decluttering Simplified can help you by giving you the exact steps to take to declutter your home in just 4 weeks. 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support