Decluttering is self care

As moms decluttering can totally be a form of self care

I know that you might think decluttering is a chore, not self care. But the truth is that decluttering is often one simple way moms learn self advocacy. Decluttering is self care might sound weird, but it's true. 

Self advocacy is doing something that you need, and making it a priority. We hear all the time that we can't pour from an empty cup and should take care of ourselves first. That sounds nice, but is so much easier said than done. 

All of the sentiments that moms need to come first always fall short because most moms look around at their home and life and see all the things they need to do.

The laundry piles that have been there for days. The dishes stacked up in the sink. The messes from everyone else in the house that she has asked for help with, but still hasn't received.

If moms can realize that deciding to reduce the amount of stuff in her home that makes it hard to love herself, and her family, their lives would change. It's one simple form of self advocacy.

I have seen time and time again the magic that happens when moms prioritize decluttering as self care. Yes, at first it feels like just more work for her, but the difference is huge.

She is doing work that will pay her dividends in the future. It is work that will make her life easier and easier over time. 

And even better, it is learning that her needs matter. That she can get her own needs met. And she doesn't need to feel bad about them.

A lot of the way self care is taught and talked about to moms feels very fluffy and abstract.

My hope is to teach moms a new way to care for themselves, practice it and then begin to make shifts like this in all the other areas of her life. 



Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support