What is the official Decluttering Meaning?

Are you new to decluttering or minimalism as a mom?

Then you may have heard about decluttering when talking with other moms about home management, cleaning schedules and chores. Maybe you even desperately wanted to ask mom friends who seem to have their lives together what they were talking about, but couldn’t bring yourself to be the one to ask what they meant.

I get it. In the motherhood world, we all want to appear like we have all the things under control. Especially inside of our homes.

Today, you’re in luck because I’m going to show you everything you need to know about decluttering but were afraid to ask, including how to differentiate it from its frenemies – cleaning and organization. 

You'll be ready to finally declutter your home, instead of wasting your time organizing or cleaning things you don’t need to.

What is the decluttering meaning?

I'm not here to bury the lead; in simple terms, decluttering means to get rid of or remove things you don’t need to make your space more pleasant and useful. This can mean donating, trashing or selling your excess stuff that you don’t need, want or have use for any more. 

Decluttering aims to create more space in the home, reduce the workload for moms and families and make your life more peaceful, creative, fun and yes, more clean and organized as well. 

It also saves you time, improves your mood, saves money and supports better relationships and experiences within the walls of your home..

Want to know how to declutter to your best advantage? 

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Why is Decluttering Important?

You may come across moms and parents who believe that life with kids just means you will always have a messy house, no one will ever help you clean it up, and once they’re older you will be able to catch up.

However, most families living with clutter actually keep the clutter from raising kids while also accumulating MORE once their kids leave home. This means that kids are easy to blame for the clutter and you don’t have to accept that life with kids is synonymous with ever ending piles of stuff and clutter. .

When you declutter, you'll be able to not only have a fun house for your kids to grow up in, it will also be easy to clean up AND they will learn so many life skills from living this way with you.

    Living with less clutter, and incorporating decluttering into your normal life has immense benefits for kids.

    For example:

    They take care of their things better, and are more willing and able to contribute to helping with daily messes. Clutter makes it hard for you to keep things cleaned up, and it has an even bigger effect on kids. 

    History of Decluttering

    Don't worry,  this is no boring story time, and I’m not going to tell you I invented decluttering because I didn’t.

    One of the best ways to understand a new concept is to travel back in time and understand where it comes from and the processes that led to its inception.

    For decluttering, we have to look at consumerism and materialism..

    Believe it or not, the invention of things like fast fashion, infomercials, fast food, home shopping network/QVC, and now Amazon, allowed for us to have a very modern problem having nearly immediate access to anything we want, as soon as we want, which in turn has led us to having entirely way too much stuff.

    I have a very simple course on how to stop RE-cluttering if you also struggle with overconsumption and bringing in more than your home can hold (whether it’s you, a partner, family/friends), and that you can manage. Check it out over here How To Stop RE-cluttering.

    How Decluttering Works

    So far, we've stayed pretty theoretical in our exploration of the decluttering meaning, and if you're still frustrated just wanting to know how to declutter, I don't blame you.

    In fact, when I first started learning about the decluttering meaning and how to teach it to moms, I felt like most of the information out there actually just perpetuated the issue of overconsumption and materialism by buying more stuff to store your stuff. Or to only buy “these toys” or “those clothes” if you wanted to be a minimalist.. The fact that Motherhood Simplified has helped thousands of moms ditch their clutter for good shows that was thankfully wrong.

    Luckily, decluttering] is more complex in theory than in practice.

    I've put together a few examples of decluttering below to help you better understand what decluttering looks like for moms and parents, and how you can start. 

    Example #1: A decluttering story from a Motherhood Simplified mom

    Rachel has decluttered]the toys in her home.

    She says, After listening to the episode “Why decluttering your home is URGENT” (Feb 2, 2021), I decided to start tackling the toys. This episode hit me hard… But the reality is that I have known the toys were a problem for a while.

    I used the excuse for toys coming in for free or low cost (like gifts, hand-me-downs, Buy Nothing Group, neighborhood free things, etc.) as the reason we could have an abundance. I was thinking that I shouldn't feel guilty because I didn't BUY them. When I did buy toys, it was consignment or secondhand.

    All excuses and projecting about some insecurity that I am lacking in some way. Maybe having excessive toddler things will make up for it?

    Nope. I am learning so much from this podcast and the truth hit me hard: I can always get stuff but I can never get time back.

    As a family, we have done multiple layers/passes of decluttering for years but I have never gotten to a place where our home works for us AND supports us as a family. In fact, I don't even know what that looks like.

    Before, I would get it to a manageable point, take a break, and then let the clutter come back. Repeating the cycle over and over.

    I have so much I want to do that I don't want the overwhelm of a stuffed (or constipated 😂 ) house to hold us back. This podcast is so helpful and everything I need right now. ❤️ Thank you Krista.

    This means that decluttering really is the solution most moms need. Not organization, or cleaning. But it also means that the clutter coming in needs to stop or slow WAY down if you want to have lasting change. As a mom I’m here to tell you, you can slow it down but you can’t stop it and that’s okay.

    Want access to Decluttering Simplified – a step by step decluttering plan you can actually do as a mom? You're in luck because Decluttering Simplified is available to you now!

    Example #2: More time to LIVE

    This is spending less time on the stuff in your home, and more on the people.

    An example of this is being able to say YES to family, friends and yourself without feeling like you have to choose between getting caught up on the house stuff, or spending time with your family.

    The best ways to implement this in your own life as a mom is:

    • Declutter the things that cause you excess daily work. Think excess clothes that cause laundry mountains, excess dishes that cause a never ending pile in the sink, or excess toys that are pushed around the house more than they are played with.
    • Declutter the things that only hold potential. Think “really good boxes”, or vases, or crafts of unfinished projects or furniture that is “good for someone” but not for you
    • Stop bringing more in. Say no to free if you don’t need it, or weren’t already planning to get it. Say no to good deals on things you don’t need. Say no to impulse shopping, and retail therapy. Establish boundaries with family who give you too much. 

    Explainer Podcast For You!

    Still not sure you get decluttering well enough to not confuse it with cleaning or organizing? We all learn in different ways.

    Check out this podcast to see if it helps you out:

    Isn't the Motherhood Simplified podcast great? I especially like the clear examples of why moms get stuck in the decluttering versus organizing and cleaning cycle and why decluttering makes you have LESS to clean and organize.

    I hope the decluttering meaning  is crystal clear to you now.

    Motherhood Simplified was created because there was too much information out there telling people how to organize their clutter or how to keep up with complicated chore charts that just weren’t sustainable.

    Do you still have questions? No shame in that!

    One thing you can do to get started with decluttering is get my step by step process for decluttering your home as a mom inside of Decluttering Simplified.

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