Decluttering motivation NOW

We have so many excuses, and reasons for why we can't, and won't declutter.

The day that I recorded this podcast episode I told my daughter she needed to get her room clean. It was about the third day in a row of telling her she needed to do this. Every day she had some reason, aka excuse for why she couldn't do it. Her decluttering motivation just wasn't there.

She actually told me that she couldn't do it because she had just made some orange juice. You can imagine my response to that when she said it, and then hers when she realized what she said.

The thing about inspiration and motivation is that it doesn't last. We need discipline if we want to actually be productive.

Here's the truth about our excuses. Especially as moms.

They are also usually the exact reason we need to do the thing we are avoiding.

We say we can't declutter because we don't have time. Yet, we need to declutter because we don't have time.

We can't declutter because we don't have energy. And we know clutter demands and consumes it all, unnecessarily to boot.

Maybe you don't want to declutter because you have kids and would rather spend time with them. But you know deep down your time with them would be much sweeter if you decluttered and freed yourself from the never ending to do lists.

And finally, of course, you do have kids. You are a mom. Your kids will need you and interrupt you. But decluttering allows for simplicity and ease in the home so that everything runs smoother.

Moms need to declutter differently. Our excuses are compelling, but not unbreakable.

As a mom you need decluttering projects you can actually do, start to finish. This means they need to be short, sweet and to the point. Just like Dave Ramsey teaches the snowball debt payoff, this is essentially how you approach your decluttering, too.

Small, intentional actions that move you toward your goal and get easier and easier the more you do them.

You need accountability, and to follow through.

And here's the thing. Most people, about 98% actually, need some form of external accountability to help them follow through.

Nothing is wrong with you if you never feel motivated to declutter.

You just need to approach it in a different way. With discipline as your guiding light. With a solid plan. A community to keep you accountable to your goal and vision for your life.

It's totally possible. My course Decluttering Simplified teaches you exactly how to declutter your home start to finish, as a mom.

I'd love to see you inside this course – make sure to check it out here!

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