Simplified decluttering for moms

Decluttering should be very simple, but we can complicate it!

Simplified decluttering can feel like fake news, especially when you are first starting out. So much time is spent wanting the perfect checklist or schedule. None of that will matter though if you don't understand the essence of what decluttering really is. 

Here at Motherhood Simplified I am all about giving you the simplest steps to follow – ESPECIALLY when it comes to decluttering. 

Simplicity, for anything comes down to the purest form or version of the thing. 

So let's talk about what that is for decluttering. 

All decluttering is, is getting rid of the excess in your home.

That's it! All you have to do is pick it up and get it out of your home.

You can't do it wrong, and you won't mess it up. Nothing bad will happen. 

Truly, it is this simple. Start with just one thing. Literally anything, and remove it from your home by trashing it or donating it. I would say sell it, but that can get complicated so for simplicity – just get one thing out. Then another and another. 

That's decluttering in it's purest form. 

You can't organize your clutter

You have probably tried. I know I tried for way too long. What happens is a series of unfortunate, frustrating and huge waste of time, money and energy.

It isn't sustainable to try and organize your clutter. You will be shifting things around your home until your old and gray. Truth time? If you keep doing that you'll be shifting it around until you're gone and be leaving a legacy of clutter for your loved ones to inherit. Maybe you're like me and have seen what that does to a grieving family. It's not good. 

Stop trying to organize your clutter, and just get it out by getting to the essences of decluttering and getting it out of your home. 

We think our clutter is worth more than it really is

This is called the endowment effect and is a big reason why we keep our clutter and shift it around. Once something is in our possession we think it is more valuable than it really is. It's why we post things on marketplace for $50 and get offended when someone offers $25. We think it's worth more, and no one else does. 

That's okay, this is a normal thing to have happen. However, it will keep you stuck and away from the purest form of decluttering which is to just get the excess out of your home!

Clutter makes your life harder than it needs to be.

It's last ditch effort at staying in our lives is by tricking us into thinking there is a way to avoid it other than decluttering. There is not. The only long term, and sustainable way to manage your clutter, is to declutter it. 

If you want the exact step by step process for how to declutter get into Decluttering Simplified! I will give you a step by step 4 week plan to make your home fresh and clear of clutter!

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