Organizing vs. decluttering

Do you know the difference between decluttering and organizing?

Organizing as a mom can feel like a full on olympic sport. We cover all the Pinterest boards,  bins, and idealistic solutions. We TRY to implements into your every day life that just all comes undone in about half the time it took you to put together.

I help you figure out a REALISTIC way to start getting your home in order. Decluttering comes first.

The problem isn’t that you’re not organized. It’s that you are trying to manage too much stuff. And it’s stuff that doesn’t matter.

You can't organize clutter

Here's what I know. You cannot organize clutter. We try and try. Organization has a time and a place for sure. Bins are not the answer for clutter though. Stacking it and hiding it in boxes is not sustainable. 

It is mentally, physically, and financially draining spending your time, energy and money on trying to shift the clutter in your home around and trying to configure it in “the best way”. 

How do you get comfortable in letting things go?

Getting the steps to take so that you don't have to think about what to do first, next and last is so helpful. When the mundane details are taken care of for you, you have space to process the emotions of decluttering.

The emotions that come with things like just in case, what if I need it, and I spent money on it. It also helps process the emotions of our family when they aren't on board. 

If you need the steps to take so that you can dive in and declutter your home get into Decluttering Simplified. I give you a four week plan so that you can declutter once and for all. 

If you declutter you will have a home that is easy or organize. Finally. 

Clear Your Clutter – a free decluttering challenge and checklist

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support