Declutter Without Waste

declutter without waste

Episode Description:

You want to declutter without waste, and get things out of your home and into the hands of people who can actually use them, and you want to declutter without feeling guilty about the waste or continuing to contribute to the landfill and radically transform your spending and consumption habits.

I get it. This was me years ago. In today's episode, I'm sharing a bit about my decluttering journey, and I break down why waste comes from overconsumption and not decluttering and why decluttering isn't wasteful.

You know that the waste comes from overconsumption NOT decluttering. And if you didn’t know that, take a second to just let it sink in. 

You might be of the belief that decluttering is wasteful and people who declutter don’t care about planetary resources, landfills and don’t need to worry about getting rid of things because they can just replace it later. To that I say, NO! The most mindful consumers and people in control of their finances are often people who have decluttered. They have seen how much waste they created and identified the root of waste – overconsumption. Because they don’t want to undo that work and they don’t want to go back to mindless spending and consuming, they are in more control of their impulses AND money. 

This stops the cycle of buying things because they are lost, they don’t need to purchase back ups because they can keep track of their things, and no longer buy things that just look like a good deal and might be useful someday but aren’t really needed. And, they don’t want to waste their time, energy or money buying things they will just get rid of or replace later. They simply will not waste anything running around like that. 

The estate sales average 10-15%. We all have the same clutter.

Main Topics Covered in this Episode:

  • Where waste comes from
  • Why decluttering isn’t wasteful

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