Delegation – how to get help at home

Moms need help, and it irony of this is that it often takes some work to get the help needed. 

And that's AFTER you've put your pride aside and even accepted that you need help. Delegation is a skill moms can learn to get the help they need. Yes, it's more work up front, but long term it is so much less! Get the full transcription and closed caption video here

I used to get so angry at my family for not helping me clean up. It felt like I was the one doing it all, no matter what. And when I did ask for help I was met with blank stares, tantrums or whining. 

It made me feel like I was the only one who care about the messes, or cleaning them up. I took it very personally, and then even worse, held resentment toward my family because they were openly against helping me out with the heavy burden of cleaning up and organizing our home. 

In hindsight though, I can see that delegation was only a tiny part of the problem. And to be honest, my kids were not the problem at all. 

The problem with getting myself the help I needed was that we had too much stuff to manage. 

It was not possible for me to delegate chores or tasks to my family. 

There was too much to clean and organize in the first place.

Clutter cannot be organized long term.
The problem with delegation before decluttering is that if you don't know where it goes, or have a good system and routine for cleaning up. You just cannot expect your kids to know where it goes or stick to a routine and system that doesn't exist. 

If you want to get help in your home the first step is to make it easy to clean up, learn your own routine and system for when and how to do it. Then you can teach and hold others in your family accountable to it. 
I teach how to do this in my course Motherhood Simplified. 

And in February 2022 I am hosting a week long challenge to help declutter hot spot areas of your home that will make it easier for your family to help clean up. AND two bonus workshops: how to get your kids to help clean up, and how to get your spouse to help clean up. 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support