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Declutter your home, before you move!

Before you keep saying you need a different house, give the one you have a fair chance!

This episode is for the moms who think the solution to their clutter is a different house. I have a secret! You can just declutter the home you have, and most of the time it is completely adequate!

We lived in a 27X8 foot RV with 3 children, 1 saint bernard. While it was not ideal, we still had everything inside that tiny space. No storage units or stuff stored outside of it. 

The truth is, moving to a different home will not rid you of your clutter woes. You will eventually need to get to the root of it.

Wherever you go, your clutter will follow. So yes, sometimes we really do need a bigger or different space. But if that decision is made based on the clutter you have then this episode is for you! 

Show notes – transcript included below

[2:36] – Krista shares a story about a real life friend, Danielle Grigg, and her breakthrough. 

[4:18] – a story about a family with five children and their breakthrough. 

[5:16] – a story about a friend who downsized house size and what her family learned 

[11:12] – Krista talks about her experience in a tiny house. 

[13:30] – getting clarity on the root issue 

[14:41] – podcast episode mention

[15:37] – Krista talks about their move from Alaska to Florida 

[18:38] – decluttering simplified the course

[19:36] – I have a gift for you if you listen on itunes and leave a positive review. Leave a 5-star review and before you submit it take a screenshot of what you wrote and then hit submit on your review and then head over to your email and email that screenshot to and let me know that you left a positive review. I will send you an hour long video of decluttering tutorials of spaces that I have a helped other moms declutter.

Full podcast transcription here