How to find balance in motherhood

What even is balance in motherhood?

I know that it is one of the top requests in the Motherhood Simplified community. However, balance in motherhood is difficult to define.

Balance means something different to everyone, but moreso, most people aren't even sure what that means for themselves.

Here's the thing about this – if you don't know what you're seeking, you will never find it.

This is what balance looks like for me.

When I have balance in my motherhood, I have time for the things I want AND need to do.

Specifically I mean that my home and chores are easy, and I have free time. Yes, even with five kids I have free time. It's not big spans and luxurious vacations alone, but I am able to comfortably meet my own needs, and my family's needs.

I used to think balance was having an equal amount of time for all of the things in my life. Eight hours at work and eight hours with my family. This is now how my life works now. With 5 kids my time is heavily skewed being spent on them. However, I still have time for me, my business, my friends, passions, interests, hobbies and rest. The hours and minutes are not equal but the quality of time spent on each category of my life is, and is deeply fulfilling. Most days. 

To me this is balance. It will look different for everyone, though. 

This is how to find balance when your life feels heavily skewed

Pay attention to how you spend your time. If you are spending the bulk of your time on chores, busy work and cleaning up see what you can do to stop doing so much of that.

It's okay to declutter things, even toys and clothes from your home if it's too much to manage. You can declutter time obligations as well. You do not have to volunteer in classrooms, church or at work. 

Clear your space so that you can find balance in what you are doing, what you want to do, AND what you need to do.

Delegate to create more time and energy for the wants and needs of your life

You are allowed to delegate. You can ask for help. Especially if it gives you time for what it more wanted and needed in your home. You do not need to be the one to do every single task in your home. Do the ones that you are good at, that you love to do, or at least know you can do quickly and easily. 

There is no glory in doing it all. Doing it all, and doing it alone is the best way to ensure you never achieve your version of balance. 

One of the fastest ways to free up time and energy for balance is to declutter.

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support