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What this episode is about

I share with you exactly what it took for me to declutter my entire home and how it felt. Use my experience to know that YOU ARE NORMAL. You are doing things perfectly okay – keep going.  I want to help you declutter your entire home too.

You need a plan.

And you need that plan to be put in order for you. A format that makes it easy to pick up where you left off when you get interrupted – you've been winging it. This is as simple as getting a start to finish decluttering plan for your whole house like Decluttering Simplified!

You also need a plan for all the hurdles. How will you deal with clutter you keep “just in case”, or “what if I need it”. How will you guide your kids through their decluttering decisions? And what about the guilt, wasted money, and not RE-cluttering?

You need a plan. 

Flexible follow through for your decluttering success.

You need a plan that gives you enough structure to keep you on task, and flexible enough to do it with all the things mom life throws your way.

Like the way I have been interrupted 4 times while writing this blog for you already because I have kids who just make that the way my life is right now, and I can't change it. 

People who get you.

It needs feel simple for you, and doable as a mom. Which means you need to learn from someone who is like you, and declutter alongside moms who are dealing with the same things you are. 

Here's a post from the Decluttering Simplified community after one of their co-declutering sessions :). It makes me so happy to see moms supporting each other while following the same plan that was designed specifically to help them declutter. Even if they are a busy mom. 

If you'd like to get all 3 of these essential components to decluttering success as a mom, check out Decluttering Simplified now!

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