How to declutter the right things

It's so common to misdirect our frustrations with our clutter onto the wrong things in our home.

One of the most common things I see happening for moms who are overwhelmed in decluttering the wrong things. But more importantly, they just don't know how to declutter the right things.

Here's an example of what this looks like.

There is a closet full of miscellaneous clutter. Old games, boxes and bags of paper. Worn out luggage and backpacks, old clothes, seasonal items, boxes of books and sentimental items fill the space. 

It's frustrating to live in because the closets are consumed by clutter. There is no room for the every day stuff. 

The solution is to declutter the closet. Create space for your every day life. 

Keep what you use, let go of what isn't

I'm not sure what the psychology behind the phenomenon above is, but it happens often! It's almost like we know that decluttering the closet is going to be hard, so we subconsciously try to avoid it.

Decluttering is just a series of making decisions, and the longer we wait to make the decision the harder it is. 

The stuff in the closet has been sitting for longer than the stuff you use every day.

In theory the stuff in the closet is a bigger problem, because it sits there untouched, and therefore in our minds “not a problem”. 

The stuff you manage on a daily basis is touched and used daily, and has no space so we assume it is the problem and needs a solution.

It sounds good on paper, but it is wrong. 

Declutter the stuff that is stagnant. Clear space for what you DO use. 

This is how you can learn to declutter the right things in your home. 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support