How to declutter with logic and emotion

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When you think about decluttering, is it a logical or emotional process for you?

If you are like most people it is likely both. You will have the best chance of success in your decluttering if you can learn how to declutter with logic and emotion. Leveraging both of these at the right times will also make the process simple, and even fun! 

Decluttering logistics

The actual act of decluttering is very logistical. We have to tangibly sift, sort and decide what stays in our homes. Then we have to make decisions on what to do with it. Should we sell it. and furthermore, how much should we sell it for? Is donating a better option. Does anyone even want the stuff, and if not should I trash or recycle it?

These are all very logistical aspects of decluttering. They are not the only ones that matter though!

Decluttering is also very emotional

Now, that doesn't mean that we are sitting around talking about our feelings. It looks like struggling with making logistical decisions above because of just in case.  Will you have enough money to replace the stuff you declutter? Guilt because you declutter things that were gifts or passed down to you, and have no value any more. 

The emotions of decluttering are complex. They take the simple logistics of picking up clutter and removing it hard to execute. A

And, this is totally normal. Nothing is wrong with you if emotions slow your decluttering process down. 

How can you leverage these to your advantage?

Here's the thing, we need to approach decluttering from both an emotional and logistical perspective. Use your logistical mind to keep your emotional mind in check, and allow yourself to move forward. 

When you feel anxious or worried over what might happen if you declutter, let logic lead the way. Allow yourself to step back and methodically approach the situation without your emotions.

Conversely, when you overthink your options and steps to take use your emotions as jet fuel to blast you into action.

It's okay to get ragey and just start throwing things out! You can even cry and stomp as you declutter the stuff that has been dragging you down. Emotions propel us into action and implement those logistical steps.

Create a space to process the emotions, and have the strategic plan in place

When you have a plan in place it becomes easy to know exactly what to do. And when you don't have to waste time and energy figuring out what to do, you have more bandwidth to process your emotions.

When you join Decluttering Simplified you get the step by step plan to declutter your entire home in a simple, systematic way. By having this plan in place, you are placed inside of a supportive container to help you process all the emotions holding you back from decluttering. 

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