EP29 Clutter Chronicles – Coming Clean With Emily Garza

 This series of the podcast is highlighting the stories of REAL moms like you who have joined the Motherhood Simplified community and decluttered their homes.

Their stories are all so unique – but so relatable and the reminder you need that you are NOT the only one who is trying to do this or the only one who feels like they have roadblock after roadblock and excuse piled on top of excuse.

These moms deserve to be recognized not only for the hard work they have put in and the transformations they have experienced but also their desire and commitment to sharing their story to help moms like YOU do it, too.


… the goal that Emily had set for her home and life one year ago and where she is now (hint, she accomplished her goal!)

… the truth about her clutter – it was consumable trash

… how she made HUGE progress by taking small steps and bite sized pieces in her clutter consistently

… how she used to avoid taking photos of her home because she was embarassed by it, and kept herself isolated because her clutter literally consumed all of her energy and time – and how her life has done a 180 and that is no longer her truth


Clutter Free Motherhood– the course that Emily found the most success with (when she started it was called the Decluttering Master Classes). This is the course that walks you through how to declutter your entire home top to bottom every nook and cranny as a mom! 

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