Just in case clutter: everything you need to know

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What if, and just in case clutter can show up in a lot of different ways for moms.

Ask yourself if these just in case scenarios are ones you have experienced before:

  1. Keeping things because you think to yourself, or tell someone, but… what if I get rid of it and need it again?
  2. What if I get rid of it, end up needing it, and then don't have the money to replace it?
  3. Choosing to keep items because of their potential to help you in a worst case scenario moment.
  4. Being impractically prepared – this one is tricky because of course we want to be prepared, but if its at the detriment of our daily lives, and too much to manage it doesn't make sense.

All of these are rooted in very valid, and real reasons to hold onto clutter. Being able to protect ourselves from danger, and unsafety is a great mechanism to have as humans.

Until it is no longer serving us, and is keeping us stuck.

In my free guide, Clear Your Clutter I give you a 10 minute just in case workshop to help you decide what is, and is not worth keeping for you. 

Here is how you can start working through all of this just in case clutter that lives in your home and life. 

  1. Ask yourself, do I need this, and do I use this? If yes, keep it. If maybe, think of when you have used it last. When you would realistically use it again.

    Be sure to stay away from coming up with potential times you *might* use it, and stick to situations you know will really happen. It is easy to get caught up in an ideal life, or a distant future life, or even a totally made up one. 

    It is also easy to think that minor inconveniences from not having an item are worse than they really are. For example, is anything bad really going to happen if you only have one instantpot instead of two? Or will it just be slightly inconvenient?

  2. Do you have an alternative for the item. Very often We can get by just fine with something similar, or without the thing at all. For example, I don't really NEED an essential oil for everything – but I can easily convince myself that I do.
  3. In the event of a true emergency would I be able to borrow, or pretty quickly and affordably replace the item? Most often, the answer is yes. Most of our clutter is not a life or death situation and more of a “well this is a little inconvenient”, if even that. 

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1:33 – 5 examples of what if/just in case clutter

4:19 – what to do about just in case clutter

5:49 – questions to ask yourself to move past all the what if scenarios

6:27 – an example of how to put these strategies into action in your home

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