Why we don’t do the gift of experiences

Why we don't do experiences as gifts in our home.

Learn why as a minimalist family, we DON'T do the gift of experience or time for our kids. We don't follow a set rule of gifts, either. We get them toys, and we enjoy giving them!

It feels weird to give experiences as a gift to my kids.

I feel like as a mother, time is something I should just give freely to my children. Wrapping it up and giving it as something special feels weird to me. I give my children time and energy all the time because I love and care for them, not because it's Christmas.

The ages of my kids are something that I do consider and for my teens and tweens experience gifts are absolutely something we can consider.

However my one and three year old don't have the understanding of opening up a zoo pass or museum pass. Even if they do understand it, when they open it on Christmas morning they are going to want to go right then. Obviously that isn't something we can do on Christmas morning. 

Gifts and things aren't inherently bad

I think we swing too far on the pendulum. We spend the other 364 days of the year overconsuming and drowning in clutter that by the time we get to Christmas it just feels like way too much.

Imagine you ate dessert all day long. By the time dessert time comes around you are going to want nothing to do with it! The same is true for Christmas gifts. 

Christmas morning is an experience

As kids, waking up on Christmas morning is exciting. You will need to decide what your values are and what you want your traditions to be. To me though, Christmas morning and receiving gifts is an experience in itself. I'll also admit that Christmas morning is an experience I want to enjoy with my kids!

The rest of the year is spent living minimally and well

This means my norm is not an abundance of stuff, extra gadgets and messes. When Christmas morning happens I can fully embrace and enjoy it. If you want that too check out the links below! 

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