Fitness Simplified! With Megan Dahlman

FITNESS SIMLIFIED!! One thing that happens often for moms after they declutter is an increase in time and energy to focus on their physical health through fitness and nutrition.

It is one area of my life that I have mastered and enjoy, I am just not good at teaching others how to do it, like I do with decluttering.

That's why I was SO happy when I met Megan Dahlman, founder of the Self Care Simplified podcast (I mean, duh we totally get each other).

She teaches moms how to care for themselves by simplifying their fitness and nutrition in VERY similar ways to how I teach decluttering. Bite-sized pieces, doable for mom life and impactful.

She's hosting a free two day event and here's what you will get if you attend:

  • 8 of the best trainers, coaches and experts in the industry
  • Practical demos and step-by-step guidance to make working out EASY, EASY, EASY.
  • Completely FREE virtual event – you can attend from anywhere!


  • Stop feeling overwhelmed and be inspired and motivated to exercise consistently
  • Spend less time “figuring things out” and more time getting the results you want
  • Unlock the barriers that have been keeping you stuck and discover the routine that will work best for YOU!

It’s time for you to love exercising again!

She's curated an exclusive group of the very best trainers, coaches and experts to help you:

  • Be inspired and motivated to exercise consistently
  • Not feel overwhelmed by the process anymore
  • Discover what styles and type of routine works best for you
  • Know how to fuel your body for more energy and better results
  • Balance your workouts to match up with your cycle, and your core and pelvic floor needs
  • And even create an inspiring workout space in your home!

You can sign up right here!

And if you want more details on this, go check out the live we did that is tagged at the top of the group now


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support