Why moms need to declutter differently

Moms need to declutter differently than other people, and they require a different strategy and approach.

When mothers declutter, they are often making decisions on behalf of other family members. They are also leading other family members through the decision making process. Even more, they are doing this work on top of their every day life and home responsibilities. This is why moms need to declutter differently. We have unique circumstances, and unique societal pressures and expectations. 

Historically, mothers and women have carried the bulk of the responsibility in the home.

I am not saying this is true for all mothers, and homes, but historically we know this to be true. While many of us with to have equality in home management responsibilities, it just isn't a reality for many of us.

During the pandemic in the United States five million women exited the workforce. With child care, and school options unavailable we are seeing women being the ones to care for the home and children due to inflexibility at work. 

In December of 2020 alone 140,000 women lost jobs, while 16,000 men gained jobs in the United States. See source here

Statistics like these are a signal to the increased pressure and demand on mothers to manage the home, and children – and in turn all the stuff inside it. 

The balance of the mental load in the home has historically been skewed and put onto the mother.

Which means we have less time, energy and overall bandwidth to just “get things done.” Especially right now in the early stages of 2021 an beyond. 

Our homes were overwhelming on a regular day, and now we are in the same environment while also needing to care for our children without the systemic support structures we used to have. 

Mothers needed support before the pandemic. We have less support, and we need more. We need less to do, and now we have more. It feels unfair, and you know what? It is.  But that doesn't mean you are helpless.

Moms just don't get huge pockets of time to declutter

Bite-sized projects is how you get this done. Stop expecting perfection, and to be done in a day.

It takes so much time to accumulate your clutter. You bought it all in bite-sized pieces. You will declutter it the same way.

Have a plan, create accountability and keep it super simple 

To do anything with excellence, you need a plan. And a plan is only useful if you use it. Which means you need accountability and support.

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support