How long does it take to declutter a home?

What this episode is about

I feel like it’s taking me forever to declutter! And how long does it take to get this done?

These are the number one questions/frustration that have been coming up in my DMs and emails (by the way all emails and messages are sent by and are responded to by me personally, I love talking with you!)

Here’s the thing.. you know how all kids learn how to read on their own timeline? You’re going to declutter your home on your own timeline as well.

Just like when we teach our kids to read, we intentionally and systematically do things to help them along the way – I do the same for you and decluttering your home.

Just like when your kids master reading sight words, and then move onto something more challenging like a simple story, then a beginnger chapter book, then college text books…

So do you in your decluttering process.

You’re going to figure this out in your own individual timeline.

You have varying degrees of challenges, roadblocks, time availability, sizes of homes, amounts of stuff, emotional attachments, family on board (or not) – and OF COURSE it is going to take you time.

Of course you’re going to feel like maybe you’re not making the progress you “should”.

That’s NORMAL! You are making progress. You are figuring it out.

Give yourself a whole lot of grace and realize what you HAVE done, and what you HAVE learned. That will give you a jumping point to keep going forward.

Decluttering is a skill you master, just like reading. Eventually it becomes second nature and easy to do – but just like reading you’ll always be able to find new ways to challenge yourself. Like learning to read in another language – or read computer code


Ps – Today’s live is going to be ALL about decluttering on your own timeline – and ways to give yourself super simple beginner steps while you learn to master it – just like reading!


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