Mary is a mom like you who has been able to declutter her home. 

When Mary decluttered her home she was seeking more time to actually play with her kids and enjoy their time at home. She was able to make a lot of progress by doing the decluttering herself with the help of some of the Motherhood Simplified courses.

Eventually she realized that she needed another kind of support and chose to hire a professional organizer to come help her in person. Mary decluttered a lot prior to this, and got support finishing!

In this episode she shares how she chose and interviewed the organizer. She  made sure it was a good fit and worth the money she was spending. 

Mary is such a great example of being aware of her needs and getting a professional organizer. Then advocating for them. I hope that you learn from Mary that there is SO much support and tangible actions steps to take here inside of Motherhood Simplified. I know exactly how to declutter a home. And I have turned that into courses that teach you how to do it, too.

And sometimes you might just need a little bit of extra support and that’s okay. 

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