There is a balance between holding onto everything just in case we need it, and being truly prepared. 

A few years ago my grandma and I created a course called Emergency Preparedness as a Minimalist. This topic is one that comes up again and again within the Motherhood Simplified community. It is being prepared, without clutter.
And the line is thin because especially in 2022, we just don’t know what we will have access to, or for how long. Or if the price will remain within reach for our budgets.
These are all valid concerns to have. And they all feel very real, and often guide our decision making.
My grandma shared her experience of the mid-80s recession when her and my grandpa ended up in multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to the economy crash. Something that was beyond their control, and deeply affected them. And still, something they had to figure out as a family.
Sounds painfully familiar right? 
What my grandma shared with me though, changed everything.
She said the first thing they had to master and re-learn was their day to day life. What did they eat, and how much without creating waste? Where did they store their supplies like clothing, cooking utensils and other natural disaster items.
How could she streamline their day to day life so that her and my grandpa could problem solve big issues together like a multiple 6 figure debt, 5  children and her staying at home with them? 

This is how she learned Emergency Preparedness as a Minimalist

I’m sure you can relate. You are a mom, you need things for your kids and it feels dangerous and irresponsible to NOT be prepared with basic needs.  
You want to keep things in case you need it, and you over-buy and ultimately can’t find it when you need it, discover it’s ruined or expired and therefore pointless.
If you want to be prepared, you need to master your daily life first. Then you can get into the good stuff like financial preparedness, or being prepared for anything!
Want this to be your reality? Check out Emergency Preparedness as a Minimalist here!