How to create a decluttering plan that works

If you're going to declutter your home you need a plan.

Create your bite-size projects for decluttering, and then map out the sequence of those steps

If you're a mom, that plan needs to be broken down into bite-sized, tangible steps that you can actually complete. In other words, you need a decluttering plan.

“Declutter the kitchen” is much too big of a task. Where do you start? What do you do first? The pantry alone is a huge project, let alone all those cups and mugs.

You probably right now have “declutter the house” as your plan. Or maybe you've broken it down a bit further and have “declutter the kitchen” as your plan before the weekend.

This still needs to be broken down further, into small, doable projects that you can cross of as you go. The kitchen itself is a big project. You have the pantry, tupperware, mugs, utensils, towels, cleaning supplies, mail and likely more. These are bite sized projects and exactly what I mean when I say you need to break the end result down into bite-sized pieces. 

After you have the bite-sized projects written down you need to decide in what order you will do them.

Decluttering Simplified is a systematic plan, created by me (a mom of 5), and broken down into super simple, easy to follow steps that are doable and impactful for you. This step by step decluttering plan was created out of my experience in teaching moms how to declutter their homes.

I know the simplest and most effective way to declutter, and in what order to do it in to set you up for success. If you want this system get into Decluttering Simplified!

Once you have a doable plan you need a time frame.

Parkinson's law says that if we have an indefinite amount of time/energy/resources we will use it all.

If we give ourselves limits, or have limits imposed on us, we will use that limited amount.

Create a dedicated amount of time to start and finish your plan. If you don't how will you know when you will finish?

When you set your time frame you are not locked into it forever. It's okay if you need to adjust or extend your timeline, but I think you will be surprised at how much you can get done when you create a time container. 

Now that you have this plan laid out for you, you need to commit to it. Personal responsilbity is key to your decluttering success.

I can give you this step by step system and accountability, but ultimately , you need to want this for yourself MORE than I, or anyone else, wants it for you. You deserve this, and I can show you how, but no one can do it for you.

Finally, decluttering can be very simple – let it be!

At its most basic level, decluttering is just getting rid of your excess stuff. Of course we are humans so it feels much more complicated at times.

There is something to be said about being given the space and nudged in the direction that you want to go in making it feel so much easier.

It's like when you teach your kids to ride their bike. If you just said go figure it out and then walked away, sure they would figure it out.

But when you take the time to show them how to stabilize the bike, and maybe even hold it up while they gain their footing and then cheer and support them it's a much simpler and enjoyable process.

And of course it feels really good to celebrate them when they do figure it out and can do it on their own.

This is exactly how I feel when moms get into Decluttering Simplified. I am just show you the how, and giving you just enough support to make your home exactly what you want.


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support