How to create decluttering projects you can actually get done

How to create decluttering projects

That you can actually get done as a mom


I’m willing to be that because you’re reading this, you are a mom who wants to declutter, withough becoming a full blown minimalist and that can make decluttering a challenge.

We have to figure out what to keep, not keep, save for later, figure out where to donate it and try to get people to buy it – but we can’t do any of that if we don’t get to step one which is actually starting the decluttering process. 

Often we never even get to that point because we have on our to do list “declutter the house”… and where do you even begin with that? Or maybe you’re a few steps ahead of that and you have “declutter the kitchen’ on your to do list.

This is great, because you know that you need to do something. You’ve got the right intentions, you have the desire, but there is one key piece to this puzzle you are missing, and that is breaking it down into bite sized projects you can ACTUALLY do. 

You aren’t lazy, unmotivated, and despite feeling like you don’t know what to do or how, you are actually very smart and very capable. Your decluttering projects are just too big. 

When it comes to decluttering as a mom, our time is limited and we don’t get a weekend to just decide we want to declutter and live that good and simple clutter free life. 

We have kids, and they need snacks and stuff. So our decision making process needs to look a little different than that dude on Instagram who decided to ditch life and be a traveling musician. Or whatever. 

We need bite sized pieces we can realistically tackle in between our mom life and that means we need small projects. 

So, how do you do this? You take those big giant projects like..

Declutter the garage, and you break it down into teeny tiny pieces. It might seem silly or insignificant but I promise you this is how it’s done. You start by letting go of the trash. Then you move onto tools. Then outside toys. Then whatever else it is that you have inside of your garage.

Will you likely get that entire project done in one weekend? Nope. And that’s okay. Will you be able to have a fully decluttered garage if you break it down into doable projects over the course of weeks, or months depending on how much time and stuff you have? YES!

If the thought of creating all of these tiny projects and action steps for yourself overwhelms you and feels like a chore in itself, I’ve got your back with Decluttering Simplified. This course literally does all of the brain work for you in terms of creating the lists, and systems you need to declutter your entire home. 

Your time is already limited – don’t waste the time you do have trying to create the step by step process for how you’re going to do this. The course lays it all out for you and you can get it here!