How to create time to declutter

If you are overwhelmed by your clutter, chances are you are also overwhelmed with a lack of time

This, of course, is complicated because it's a chicken or egg scenario. What comes first? The time to declutter, or the decluttering? 

Something needs to move the needle forward in our homes and it can feel impossible to fit in decluttering on top of your daily life. 

Have a plan for what you are going to declutter

As moms sometimes the stars align where the kids are happy, and we get a minute to get something done. Yet, we waste that time trying to figure out what to do. Or, we don't have a plan in place so we waste those precious moments on social media, or Netflix. 

Studies consistently show that your chances of success increase ten times if you have a plan. If you make that a written plan with a date your chances of success increase by another three times. 

Side note: scroll up you will see an image with a free decluttering plan to get you started. Then check out Decluttering Simplified to get a full 4 week plan to declutter your entire home.

Know how you are spending your time – really

Decluttering for 15 minutes a day for one year amounts to 91 hours of decluttering time. We have more time than we think. 

How much time throughout your day is spent on unimportant tasks? Social media, Netflix and other time consuming activities eat our time and make us believe that we don't have time. 

Be honest about where you are spending your energy.

Watch for pockets of time to declutter

Watch for when you get some time to declutter. Then use that time! We underestimate how much we can do in small bits of time in a day. Those small bits of time compound and add up, and before you know it you're done! 

Declutter the spices while you cook.

Get rid of some excess linens and towels while the kids are in the bath. 

Toss some of the toys you notice are broken and missing pieces while the kids play.

There are so many ways to declutter while you live your everyday life. You just have to be creative and open to problem solving. 

Ask for help

Ask for help from family and friends. Maybe they can watch the kids while you work alone. Someone you know might love to clean and declutter! Yes, we exist. I am one of those people.

Communicate with your family that you need their help. That help can be entertaining each other, or it can be with the actual decluttering.

You can do all the things, but you cannot do them alone. 

You can also receive help from me by Getting into Decluttering Simplified. I created a 4 week decluttering plan for a mom like you who needs to do this in bite sized pieces. 

I make it super easy for you to just dive in, have a plan and get it done. Check it out and get started right here! 


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support