How to declutter so you can have a joyful Christmas full of gratitude instead of burden

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It’s that season.. where all the gifts and toys come rolling in and making your house a cluttered mess.. right? Wrong. Your home is cluttered and overwhelming to you because of what happened the other 11 months of the year. In this video I teach you how to clear out the clutter so that you can have a Christmas season of JOY and FUN, instead of opening up a long line of toys and gifts and deep heavy sighs of “oh, great, more work.”. I reject the idea of “experiences” as gifts, and limiting yourself to a strict criteria.. if that works for you, great. But handing out approved gift lists, and requesting experiences only don’t solve the problem of your cluttered home. You need to declutter and clear out the existing overwhelm and burden so that you can have room for gratitude, joy, and have fun giving and receiving this holiday season.


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