Crafty moms need to declutter, too

Whether you're crafty or not – I bet you are looking to simplify the supplies you have in your home!

As a former self proclaimed crafty teacher mom, I get it. Crafts are a big deal. They are how we create and express ourselves. Here's the thing though, too much of a good thing is never a good thing.

There is nothing inspiring about a room full of unfinished projects staring at you reminding you constantly in the back of your mind that you have yet ANOTHER thing to do.

When you declutter the crafts you can actually BE crafty and create all the things you're little heart desires.

It's time to move past the Pinterest perfect craft room

In our Facebook community we often get posts requesting for craft room set up inspiration, or “how to organize” crafts. I love to see a nicely curated space, but crafts are so specific and diverse that what works for one space won't work for another. Paint and canvas storage and set ups are totally different from sewing!

Idealist craft rooms aren't creative spaces (usually)

I think sometimes we are wanting a craft room that looks great for photos, and forget that it also needs to be functional. There is a way to have a room that is both inspiring and creative AND totally organized and functional.

To achieve that often we need to let go of our ideals, and embrace the spaces that we do have. 

Decluttering the rest of the house needs to happen to. If you clear the stuff around your crafts and creative spaces it often solves the problem automagically! 

I can help you declutter your home so that you have room for all the crafts you love to do in Decluttering Simplified!

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support