How to delegate in the home

Delegation is a skill that all moms benefit from learning.

Learning how to delegate though can be hard! For so many reasons, especially as moms. It feels like a catch 22 because we want to delegate because we have so much to do, however, teaching and learning delegation is just another thing added to our to-do lists.

In my course, Motherhood Simplified, I have an entire module dedicated to teaching you the basics of delegation. First though, let's talk about why delegation hasn't worked for you in the past.

You're trying to delegate way too much.

Seems weird, right? It's not that you need to delegate less, it's that you need less things to actually delegate.

Most of what I talk about is clutter, so let's use this example.

You want your family to help clean up their toy messes. This is a completely reasonable expectation, and something that can be delegated. However, if the amount of toys you have to manage is too much, you won't ever be able to successfully delegate it.

How do you know if it's too much to delegate? If the idea of you alone cleaning up, organizing and managing all those toys is daunting and overwhelming, dare I say impossible without making it a nearly full time job, whoever you delegate it to is going to feel the same.

You don't need to delegate less, you just need a manageable amount of things to delegate. Decluttering is a solution for this.

If you can't possible declutter more things, then you have another option. That is to hire more help. Be very realistic about how much you are trying to delegate within the home, and if necessary, outsource it. This is one form of delegation.

You aren't sure what your needs are.

As moms we are so conditioned to “do it all”. Career, breastfeeding, partnership, friendship, cooking, cleaning, and more. We aren't ever taught or very often modeled moms who successfully delegate without bitterness or resentment. Furthermore, we don't even know what we would give to someone else if we could. Here are some examples from moms inside the MoSi Facebook group.

Are homeschool moms “allowed” to delegate homeschooling to tutors?

Can work from home moms have nannies?

Can stay at home moms hire a mother's helper?

Do I have to be the one to clean my entire home?

Am I lazy if I outsource my laundry? Lawn service? Grocery shopping?

Can I use a meal delivery service and still be considered a good mom?

These questions are pretty easy to answer for most mom when they view it through the lens of another mother. You wouldn't think a friend was lazy for using a meal delivery service. You might feel a pang of jealousy because you realize that is also a need you have. But you know she is still a good mom for delegating that. I bet you can also see how delegating that part of life actually creates space to be an even better mom long term.

As moms, we can have it all. We really can. The thing we can't do, is expect ourselves to do it all without help.

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