One of the most common questions/responses I get when it comes to decluttering your home is something along the lines of.. “I’m too overwhelmed to even know where to start, so what do I do?”.

Sometimes they are overwhelmed because life is pulling them in so many directions. School, work, family, relationships, etc. Let me be bold and frank with you for a minute – if you are one of the people frozen in their tracks when it comes to where to start with your decluttering process, you are someone who needs to make this a priority THE MOST.

One of my all time favorite quotes is, “If nothing ever changes, nothing ever changes”. If you feel like a slave to your laundry piles, its’ not going to change until you change it.

If you’re tired of feeling suffocated in your own home, it won’t magically go away overnight.
If the fact that you can hardly ever see your floors any more, it’s time to change that.

So.. How?

Just start
So basic, and probably like the most annoying answer I can give you right? But seriously – eventually you’re going to be so fed up that you just don’t have any other choice but to start somewhere and DO something.

You know the way your home is working right now isn’t what you want, so get that vision of what you DO want so clear in your mind so that you can just START doing something to make that your reality.

Make A Plan
Once you start, and have some momentum going make yourself a plan.

Having a plan in place is for your own accountability. It’s easy to wake up with motivation one day, start and then never finish, but that doesn’t serve you or your family. You deserve to make this a priority and to complete the job start to finish.

Schedule it on your calendar. Make it as much of a priority as your chiropractor appointments. Don’t give up on yourself in this way! The reason you are doing this is so that you can have a clutter free home and life and can focus on what matters most to you!

This is the most important piece to the puzzle – your entire reason for wanting to do this in the first place.

Do you want to stop feeling embarrassed to having people over?

Do you want to stop yelling at your kids to clean up their stuff?

Do you want your weekends to be filled with outings with your family instead of playing catch up on laundry and house work?

What is your BURNING desire from this process? Find that deeper WHY and keep it at the front of your mind. Remind yourself that your cluttered home is what is standing between you and that vision for your home and family. That is your motivation to get rid of it.

Find your grit
This process is not for the faint of heart. In order to keep decluttering things that are holding you down takes guts. It’s brave and bold of you. But it also takes grit – which is one of my favorite words.

Grit is a combination of passion and perseverance. It’s continuing the pursuit of something you really want deep down, and not because someone is telling you that you should or need to.

The things I have done in my life that I am most proud of, are the things that required the most grit.

It’s not easy to stick with something, especially when it’s hard or not fun – but it is SO rewarding.

Decluttering your home requires this grit and I know you can find yours!

Your plan will give you the practical means of getting the finished product of an uncluttered home. Your why and your grit will be what carry you through to the end!

This is one of my shorter posts – and that is with intention.

This process isn’t something that anyone can do for you – the advice here is really all I can give you, the rest is on you to make it happen for yourself.