decluttering motivation and grace

Here are some of the top reasons moms can't declutter and how to reframe them into the reasons you need to declutter.

When you do this, decluttering can actually be very motivating! Decluttering motivation and excuses go hand in hand and are just two sides of the same coin. What you really need is decluttering motivation and grace. At the same time.

Before we dive into these reasons and excuses it's important to acknowledge that there are some seasons of life where decluttering just can't happen. OR it can't happen as fast as you'd like, or as much as you'd like. Check out my podcast episode about knowing what season of life you are in to learn more about distinguishing that.

1. Time

As a mom you are already doing a lot of different things all day, every day. It can feel like there is no time in the day to add another to-do. But here is the truth…

You don't have time NOT to declutter.

The more you put it off the longer you are going to have no free time. It will require you make short term sacrifices in order to declutter. Some daily chores, or obligations may need to be pushed aside. And it will be worth it.

When I decluttered I said no to all extra activities. My kids watched a lot of Netflix and played a ton of iPad. I wasn't crafting or being a magical playful mom. Most of our meals were pizza or take out. And everything was fine. I was able to let things slide in the short-term for a long term gain.

For context, it has been 8 years of excess time in exchange for one month of active decluttering. Well worth it to make those short term sacrifices for sure.

2. Kids

They are always around. They like their stuff.  And require so much of you.

The same reasons you can't are the same reasons you need to. They are always around , and require so much of you.

But, so does your stuff. In order to have more to give your kids, you will need to get rid of some stuff that is demanding your time and energy.

Your kids require YOU, not stuff.

3. Money

Of course, there is guilt over wasted money. Decluttering often feels like were losing the money twice. Once when we bought it, and again when it leaves our home without making any money back for it.

You may also worry about not having enough money. A valid concern to have, of course. Here is what I have experienced and seen many times..

Clutter can be a cause of out of control finances – over-spending, not saving, excessive consumption habits etc.

Money is a resource, and it needs to be controlled. It is directly tied to our stuff, and how we purchase the things we need.

Decluttering your stuff and letting yourself truly see how your money has been spent in the past is healing and changes the way you view your money moving forward.

 4. Energy

Decluttering is energizing in the long run!  I know you are tired. Maybe even running on fumes. That's okay, I get it.

But when you muster up that little bit you have left, or ask for help you change your life. In the long run you will gain so much more energy you will wonder why you ever waited so long to declutter your home.

Listen to the closed caption video and get the transcription here. 


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support