How to finish decluttering projects that you started

How you do anything is how you do everything – so let me ask you, do you start a lot of projects in your home and not finish them?

It's okay if you do. Clutter is distracting, and by nature has this effect on people. Nothing is wrong with you. If you could figure out how to finish decluttering projects that you started though, would you be excited?

I'm excited to tell you how I do it. Naturally, I am sporadic and struggle with follow through. Even in a clutter free home I open up the dishwasher to load it, and then walk away to start another task. Maybe it's me, or maybe it's life with 5 kids. 

Choose ONE thing to focus on

I know that sounds so silly. Maybe even impossible, but try it. There is simply too much to do at once. Break it down into just one single thing to do. Then another, then another. See what happens. For me it instantly helps me start and finish projects that I start. It's easy to do one thing. I bounce from thing to thing, and get nothing done if I have a running list of 20 things to do.

Just pick one thing. Do it, then repeat. 

Be prepared for distractions

You're a mom. Distractions are just a part of your life now. Your kids need a snack. They also just had an accident that needs cleaned up. Also, they dumped the dirt from the potted plants and have pumped all of the hand soap into their hair.

I know my kids are not the only ones who do that right when I am doing something important. 

Know that this is inevitable. Laugh it off as much as you can. Expect it, and embrace it. 

And if it's even possible, do what you can to prevent that chaos in the first place. I know, easier said than done because my kids surprise me daily by what kinds of impossible feats they can conquer. 

Get support in your decluttering process

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to just have someone tell you what to do, then hold you to it.

And hey! That's me, and that's exactly what I do. Decluttering Simplified is your 4 week decluttering plan. You don't have to wonder what to do, or when to do it. 

And, did you know that once you're in the course with us you get twice a month co-decluttering sessions and even the option to have me as your guide for the four weeks one on one? Yep, I'll be your personal guide through Decluttering Simplified – but you have to enroll first! See you on the inside, I hope!

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support