How to follow through with decluttering

If you spend 15 minutes a day decluttering you would have 91 hours of decluttering complete in one year. Get started with these 15 minute projects today!

Decluttering is all about accountability and follow through. 

If you want to do anything in life, these two things are essential. However, they are not the most natural thing in the world for a lot of us, and many of us don't know how to follow through with decluttering.

Personally, I struggle with execution. I love to have the big picture plan and my head in the clouds. Which makes accountability and follow through a challenge. Mix that in with a society centered around distractions 24/7, and being a mom with kids who are expert interrupters and it can feel like being accountable and following through will never be real life. 

Know what motivates you to follow through

There are so many things this can be. For me, I find it helpful to have an accountability partner, or space. All I need is to tell someone I am going to do something and then I will do it. Most of the time that person doesn't care if I do the thing or not, but holding my word to someone is important to me. So if I say I am going to do it, I will. 

Other people are motivated by rewards, so if it helps for you, gamify your decluttering. Tell yourself that if you get a certain amount done you will get some kind of reward. Even better, ask someone to be the one to give you the reward so you have an additional layer of accountability thrown in.

Some people also find deadlines and dates to be motivating. Checklists and crossing things off of a list can be as well.

It's probably unlikely that you fit into just one of these categories of motivators, and this is not a comprehensive list. Feel free to use them for yourself, or use them as prompts to create inspiration for your own accountability techniques!

Then just follow through

Just because you didn't do it the first time, doesn't mean you might as well stop trying. There is no rules saying that if you started decluttering before you can't start again. You can start and finish any time you want. There are no rules. You can't do it wrong. 

No matter what you do, keep trying and figuring it out.

This might look like asking for help, or signing up for Decluttering Simplified so you can get the steps with the accountability built in for you! WIth the community to keep you going as well!

Have fun with the process

No one has ever finished something they hated doing, and not been totally exhausted by the end of it. I believe you can declutter your home AND be energized by it. Will you be physically tired? Probably. Will your mental and emotional double or triple? Again, probably. 

Especially if you declutter the way I teach so that it is simple, effective AND fun!! This can really happen for you.

Get into Decluttering Simplified to learn how.


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support