Learn how to get control of your photo clutter in this episode with Leslie Alder!

Digital clutter for moms is about 99% photos on our camera rolls, right? 

If you’re like Leslie and I, you might think that more is more when it comes to photos, right?

Well in this episode, Leslie teaches us that just like stuff in our homes, more is not always more! 

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How to get control of your phone’s camera roll

(+ 3 myths that hold you back & how to get past them)

A note from Leslie….

Learn how I went from overwhelmed mom of 2 drowning in photos to mom of (soon to be) 4 with a clear phone and printed photo books every year. Digital clutter is no longer a problem for me and my photos! 

Here are 3 myths I hear from people ALL the time about clearing their phone’s camera roll

#1 Myth: “I just wait until my phone storage is full to upload”

Truth: Set up a regular routine to preserve your memories to keep the digital clutter at bay.

#2 Myth: It will take hours, and I don’t have the time

Truth: Start sooner rather than later, just 5-10 minute blocks at a time-your future self will thank you!

#3. Myth: More is better when it comes to taking and keeping photos

Truth: Photos + videos that live in your phone can never be fully enjoyed

The Museum MethodResearch Study: Positive Outcomes of kids who have a strong family narrative

How do I get started? (link to free declutter your phone roadmap https://lesliealder.com/signup/roadmap/)