Learn how to get help from your spouse, without nagging.

This episode is a conversation between Krista Lockwood, and Ryan DiPretoro. We summarized it and made it easier for you to read so that you can get help from your spouse, without nagging. 

Get the full transcription and closed caption video here. 

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The struggle I had getting help from my family

Before decluttering  it seemed like no matter how much I cleaned, and organized it was never done. Every weekend was spent catching up, and it was impossible to get enough help from my kids or husband.

I tried all the things. Chore charts, checklists, just “trying harder”. Threatening to take away toys, giving ultimatums that were empty and more. 

It was exhausting and very discouraging. 

What I have learned since decluttering though, is that living with clutter is a losing battle. No matter how much my family helped, it never would have been enough. There simply was just too much stuff packed inside of our home for us to manage. 

Clutter didn’t only make getting help with chores harder, though.

Communication was also hard. This episode Ryan and I share our personal stories of clutter and communication mistakes, and better solutions moving forward.