The image shows a cartoon style home with pink text blocks that say "a drop in ready home means people can come over as they are. And you can welcome them into your life as you are".

How to have a drop in ready home

Having a drop in ready home, does not mean having a Pinterest perfect home.

Read the transcript for this episode here. I want the way I live every day to be how I invite people into my home. I want it to feel put together, comfortable, accommodating and inviting. A drop in ready home to me, means that I can do this without having to prepare for days and then recover for days after. 

A drop in ready home is about how you feel in your home. 

If unannounced guests give you anxiety, you’re in good company because it used to for me, too. 

Not too long ago, I popped over to a neighbor’s house to return her son’s sweatshirt that he left at my home. 

I knocked on the door, and she quickly answered, opening the door just enough to poke her head out.

With an expression on her face similar to this one.😯 

The same expression my kids give me when they know I caught them doing something they shouldn’t. 😂

I handed my neighbor her son’s sweatshirt. Before saying thank you, she blurted out, “don’t mind the mess, it’s been a busy week!” 

Before I even was invited inside, she greeted me with the anticipation that I would judge her home for the state it was in. 

A drop in ready home, is not assuming your family and friends are judging you.

In an instant, I knew exactly how she felt because I used to feel that way too, when guests would show up at my house unannounced. 

Sweating hoping they wouldn’t open the unorganized closet full of toys. 

Distracted, praying they didn’t open that bedroom door. 

I could never enjoy the reason they came over in the first place. 

I was so busy worrying about how my home made me feel…





I forgot to focus on welcoming my guests and enjoying their company regardless of what my home looked like on the inside. 

The truth is, my guests never judged my mess. That was ALL ME! I judged myself for the condition of my home on a regular basis. Of course I assumed others would be judging me, too.

So if you are feeling like my neighbor, worried about unannounced guests, here are two things to help you. 

  1. Listen to this podcast episode, or read the transcript here, as I share how to have a drop-in ready home in just 15 minutes. This episode is a semi-therapy session (so you can quit feeling like you have to pretend you’re not home when the doorbell rings) coupled with tangible tips to tidy up quickly. 
  2. If you have friends or neighbors that are, in fact, judging you from across the room 👀  PERMISSION GRANTED, find some better ones, [].  

I will leave you with this: 

If you have ever apologized for the state of your mess or having a home with evidence of people living in it…this episode is for you. 

Here are some things moms inside of the Motherhood Simplified facebook group have said about having a drop in ready home.

“I have a drop in ready home, but it’s more of just apologizing to people that we live there lol”.

When you feel good about your home on a regular basis, you no longer need to apologize for the condition of it. It just is drop in ready. 

 The goal is not picture perfect. You do not need to apologize for having a home with evidence of people living in it. Your guests are not being harmed by the condition of your home, and are not asking for you to be sorry. This is one clue to how YOU feel about your home on a regular basis. It is amplified and articulated when people come to visit.

“Yes but agree with it being CLEAN as in not sticky/smelly/dusty/smudgy. 😂 The more I’ve decluttered overall, the easier it is to “reset” even if we get last minute notification. It really bothered me as a kid that I wasn’t allowed to invite friends over spontaneously because we had to have time to hide the boxes and stash everything that lived on surfaces anywhere that was open. 😞 My goal is for any last-min company prep to take about 15 min”

This is such a clear example of how hurtful it can be to have to hide away our every day lives from the people we love. You can get your home to a place that is easy to maintain. So easy you can invite people into it at the drop of a hat. 

“Yes! Though to me, drop in ready doesn’t mean spotless! Somewhere in between looking brand new and tornadoed”

Don’t think a drop in ready is for other people. Or your guests. It’s for you.

If you feel like someone is going to judge the condition of your home, you are probably deep down judging yourself in some way. And of course, if someone truly is judging you, and/or your home, stop inviting them over.

[1:07] – 3 things we will talk about today

[1:34] – what having a drop in ready home means

[3:58] – how it used to feel for Krista

[6:36] – clues that something needs to change

[7:37] – snippets of a conversation in motherhood simplified the group join us here to jump into these discussions 

[10:13] – Krista’s resources to help you
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