How To Keep Your Kids’ Art And School Work And Still Be Clutter Free

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids come home weekly with a stack of papers and art work. The result is clutter piles of paper.

Everything that they come home with and everything that they make is special and something I want to keep! Not only do I want to keep it, but they want to keep it as well.
I remember as a kid one of my favorite things to do was go through my school boxes. It was fun to look back on the kind of art projects I made and what kind of work I did.
I want my kids to have that opportunity as well, but I also want them to know how much I truly love seeing the work they do and what they create!
I also don’t want to have stacks of papers laying around my house though. First of all leaving their precious work in random piles around the house just waiting to get destroyed does not honor their work in the way that it deserves! Sure it’s still around, but it’s not being seen or appreciated.

So when my kids come home on Fridays with their week’s wort of work the first thing I do is go through it.

There are SO many worksheets.  I like to see them all but they are not all worth keeping. Addition facts just aren’t treasure. They usually come home with one or two written stories or projects that are worth keeping. Those go up for display on the fridge or in my bedroom. FYI my bedroom décor isn’t anything fancy and to be honest most of it is kid-created work. It’s not displayed in a pinterest worthy lay out, it is taped up with their little hands and I love it. Home Goods has NOTHING on my kids taped up artwork they created and staged themselves.

If I were to do this every week though my walls would be covered. It would be overwhelming so every few weeks I remove a few and place them in our memory box. I usually fill about one per year. This frees up space on our walls so that it doesn’t get crazy. Even better, they don’t feel like I am just putting things up and taking them down. It’s a fun little ongoing art wall for us.

This is just how I do it however. There are so many ways that you can display the MOST significant school and art work. Pinterest is a great place to start. 

For the other artwork that is cute, and memorable but not quite “fridge worthy”  I make a point to acknowledge it.

Recognition is super important to kids. Then from there, so that we aren’t having clutter piles of paper all over the house, I snap a picture and save it to OneDrive. We pay a monthly fee for our OneDrive space but you can also save these pictures to a flash drive or the cloud (OMG the cloud overwhelms me btw!). Then from there you can save the best of the best in photo form without having all these little piles all over the place.
You can organize them just as you would your photos. This is the modern day version of preserving the sentimental items that would otherwise be clutter in your home. Take advantage of the technology that today offers instead of boxing a bunch of papers up and stuff them in your attic or basement!
This is such a simple and minimalist way to keep your kid’s creations – which as a mom is one of my favorite things to keep!


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support