How to love your home when you don’t like it

As a family who has been renting for several years, sometimes I just don't like the home we are in – but I always find ways to love and care for it.

We have lived in a lot of homes. Some of them have been new and beautifully updated and check most of my dream home boxes. Others have the original bathrooms from 1970, not my favorite. One of the best skills I think we can learn while we create our dreams homes is how to love your home when you don't like it.

Every single home we have lived in has been my favorite

Not because I love everything about it, but because at the end of the day my home is the place that keeps my family safe, warm and together. I have two options: find gratitude and love for the home I have, or be miserable about it. 

In full transparency I will say that this does not come naturally to me. I have always been inspired by beautiful spaces, and it can be challenging for me to find the beauty in a space that doesn't have my preferred aesthetics. 

Here is the thing though, I have always had a home and love is verb. So I love my home well. 

I love my home well, even if I don't like it

SInce love is a verb, this looks like cleaning the home and clearing out that stagnant energy. When we move in (we have moved once a year since 2012) I always do a deep clean of the home. I infuse it with love and positive words. This might sound crazy to you, and you don't have to do it, but to me it feels good.

I do the same thing when we move out. Clearing the space, thanking the home for the time and holding our family and preparing it for the next family. 

This is a part of my daily practices as well. While the kids play I will thank my house. I will also notice things about it that I do like and point it out and pay special attention to it.

Like the original dark wood trim in the home we live in now that many would overlook, but is so beautiful.

I think about my future dream homes

There is a fine line between settling for what you have, and seeking more. Personally, I think we can have both. I am naturally a dream and visionary so to say that I don't think about my future home daily would be a lie.

However, the key is to stay present and content with the home I have now. While still creating the home I want in the future. You can do both. 

Decluttering helps appreciate the home you have now

Time and time again I help mothers declutter their home. Many start off by saying they just need a bigger, or better home. Then they declutter and are surprised to find that they actually have  a lot to love about the home they have.

That is a beautiful thing, my friend. Decluttering and finding more than a clean home, but finding your true contentment. Talk about a good deal. 

The same is true for moms who don't declutter as well. You can have the biggest, most beautiful, perfectly laid out home, and if it's overwhelmed by clutter you will never appreciate it for what it is. 

If you are ready to declutter your entire home, get into Decluttering Simplified! Imagine in just 4 weeks feeling content and satisfied with the home you have AND having it easy to maintain. No more wasting your days hating the home you are in, and never being caught up. 

Let's do this!


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support