How to move – military and civilian edition

So, you're moving?! Congrats! Now how do you actually move quickly or as a military family?

Getting ready to move and feel overwhelming and daunting. You have to figure out how to literally touch, pack and move everything you own from one place to another. 
As a family who spent about a decade moving once per year, or more I wanted to share some quick and simple tips and tricks with you for moving and I brought in my friend Sarah Potter who is going to share her simple moving tips and tricks as a military family as well.

When moving, what should you actually keep and get rid of?

First things first, if you are expecting an comprehensive list of items, that's not this. Family needs, wants and sizes are way too variable for me to give a generic list like that. Here's a better guide for you though!

1. Start by choosing the boundary for what you will be keeping.

What I mean is, will you be using a uhaul and doing it yourself? Hiring a moving company? Shipping it? Having the space and weight capacity for what you will be bringing is the first step. 

After that start with the most basics – beds, couches, dining table and any other large furniture item you would like to bring with you that you know is a need your family has. 

2. Don't keep mediocre decor, or things you don't use in the first house that might work in the next.

Generally speaking, if it isn't used or displayed in one house, it won't be in the other house. Of course there may be exceptions but the exceptions are rare and even more rare to be something that makes or breaks your ability to actually live and thrive within the home. 

3. Declutter before you move, declutter as you unpack and make fully unpacking your top priority.

One thing that happens very often is people move, and then never finish the unpacking process. This feels energetically heavy and makes your days feel incomplete or like you constantly have something to do (because technically you do!). 

Decluttering before you pack it up will save you a lot of time, energy and potentially money if you are moving based on weight capacity. 

You may realize that when you arrive there is still a whole lot of stuff you don't want, need or have space for in the new house. This is the perfect opportunity to declutter some more! But in order to do that you have to prioritize the unpacking! 

Set a date you would like to be finished unpacking by and then carve out time each day to do it. I typically give myself one week where my main focus is just unpacking. I order out, the kids get tons of screen time or are sent outside and know that mama is busy.

This trade off of time is totally worth it because an unfinished home will continue to be a slow leak on your time and energy with your kids long term. It's much better to just get it done with as fast as you can so life can get more settled and simple for you all. 

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For getting a very general idea of schools in the area you are moving to.

For getting a feel for the area just use Google Earth

Air tags for tracking your stuff during a move.

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support