How to navigate demanding seasons of life

Motherhood is really just a constant changing of seasons

Get the full transcript and closed captions here. Sometimes it just takes hearing things we know deep within us in order for it to click. The changing seasons of life, and specifically motherhood is definitely one of these. 

I hope this episode and blog gives you a new perspective on how motherhood ebbs and flows, so that you can ebb and flow with it. In order to do that though you must:

  1. Know how to recognize if and what season of life you are in. There are actually 3 ways I define these varying seasons that I will share with you below. 
  2. Know what you need within those seasons. 

You are always in a season. It's just a matter of recognizing which one it is!

In order to simplify this I have broken it down into 3 kinds of seasons. Short, medium and long term. 

The thing about these seasons of life, in your motherhood, is that they aren't consistent and repeatable. You can also have multiple happening all at once.

Long term seasons of life, and motherhood. 

These are the ones we tend to be most familiar with. They tend to put our life on hold in many ways because of how much the demand from us in the form of time, energy, and resources. 

Examples of long term seasons of life can be: pregnancy, postpartum (separate season from pregnancy as they require different things from you), divorce, illness, deployment, schooling and education, or something else. This is not an exhaustive list.

If you have lived through any of the experiences above, you know they tend to last a long time. 

Medium term seasons.. 

These are longer than a few days, but not quite as long as above. 

Examples of this include: seasonal changes (yes, the weather affects us!), ages and stages of your children (sleeping patterns, behavioral adjustment, developmental leaps, etc), career changes, home move, or something else. 

Short term seasons.

These are quick and short fleeting. 

Examples include: schedule changes (days off of school, winter break etc), sickness and your menstrual cycle. Yes, that is a thing!

Here's where navigating these seasons of life gets tricky.

You always have multiple seasons happening at once. They aren't always predictable. It is possible you might wake up one day and be thrown into a particularly demanding and long term season of life like we all experienced in 2020. 

But you are not powerless to these seasons. The key is to figure out what your bare minimums are. 

Your bare minimums are the match between what must, absolutely get done and how much time, energy and resources you have to give. 

In 2020 I had two children under two, plus three big children. I had just moved across the country in the middle of winter with a newborn. Then a global pandmeic happened and I was required to learn how to school my children, without knowing a single person in our time. So, while completely isolated, dealing with an extended postpartum phase by having back to back children and everything else going on, my minimums were MINIMUM.

For the first time ever I allowed myself to just be in the mess of that season of life.

I gave myself grace and got honest about what I actually had time and energy for. 

Things kept getting removed from the list. Homeschooling even got put on hold because trying to make it happen was doing more harm than good for all of us. Sleep and good food was prioritized above all. Anything beyond that was extra. 

As I would master those minimums I would start to add things back into my to do list. Sometimes it stuck, other times I quickly removed it and figured out a new way to get those needs met. 

An example of what this looked like was schooling. I tried to be that magical homeschool mom. Which meant learning an entire new skill set, while managing two tornado toddlers. 

I ended up utilizing an online school program. Everyone was much happier and their education was better, too. It was a season of life where it had to happen because I didn't know what the future of their schooling would look like. And that's okay!

If you want more help in figuring out how to navigate YOUR specific seasons of life, make sure to check out my course Motherhood Simplified. It gives you all the support to do this!

0:12 – podcast plan for July 2021 

0:40 – link to last weeks episode 

0:55 – Krista's season of survival 

2:11 – what this episode is about 

2:45 – the challenges of motherhood, especially in the USA 

4:25 – 3 categories of seasons of motherhood 

4:36 – long-term season 

5:37 – short-term seasons 

6:05 – medium-term seasons 

8:30 – why I can't give you the step-by-step guide on how to navigate a difficult season of life 

8:58 – a little recap 

10:53 – bare minimums 

12:33 – how giving yourself space to be in the moment helps bring you clarity 

14:42 – action step 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support