Survival mode in motherhood

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Have you ever felt stuck in survival mode…

While you're IN a season of survival mode?

Yeah, me too.

Especially in 2020, after having 2 under 2 again, while homeschooling and everything that comes with that.

Sometimes it feels like I am floating out at sea, desperately needing a life raft but the only one who can give me one… is me. I can't imagine I am the only one who feels this way.

And so much of me wishes I had a strong in person community I could turn to. Ideally, that sounds wonderful. But the truth that comes along with a strong in person community again, is that it requires me to create it.

I feel like it is important to acknowledge these challenges of motherhood in the 2020s. And then not let myself wallow in how unfair it sometimes feels.

There is so much that I can do to support myself when life is hard. And there is so much power in acknowledging that, too. I even feels like a good place to wallow for a bit.

This episode shares some simple tips on how I empower myself as much as I can out of these feelings, and hopefully you can too.

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