How to wake up before the kids (or not)

Should you wake up before the kids, or get some beauty sleep?

Get the full transcription and closed caption video here. The answer, per usual, it depends. Now when I started Motherhood Simplified I was riding the early morning train HARD and teaching moms how to wake up, and promoting how great it is for all moms. And then over the last few years I have had some slices of humble pie and also learned a lot more empathy. So today's episode I hope:

  1. You figure out if waking up early could benefit you, or not. HONESTLY. And if it doesn't that you get permission to just sleep in.
  2. An understanding what seasons of life support and need early mornings
  3. How to get started waking up early.

I don't enjoy waking up early. I would rather stay in bed. What I DO Love is how I feel when I do.

When I had one baby it was doable. I was able to juggle the things (my personality and threshold).
When I had 2 under 2, it wasn't.
Now again it is. And now, I need it in my life again because it is mor energizing for me than staying in bed (not necessarily asleep). 

Several years ago I used The Miracle Morning to learn how to wake up early. 

That doesn't work for me now. It is way too rigid and made me feel like the things I know fill me up and make me feel great were just boxes to check off. It wasn't inspiring or energizing to me and felt like a chore.
Here's how I am doing it now, so that I do feel energized and ready for my day. Each night before bed I make a quick to do list. You can check out how I do this right here.
When I start my mornings I begin by doing those things first. They are all centered around pouring into myself in meaningful to me ways. Drinking water, journaling and some exercise. I am totally open to this changing if it becomes draining for me. Which is key to your morning routine too. Don't feel like you need to just check boxes off in order to have morning that works for you. 
And, if you want to learn more about how to create routines, habits and systems in your home, check out the Motherhood Simplified course below. 


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support