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Motherhood is an experience, not an identity.

At Motherhood Simplified we welcome and serve all mothers regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, and/or perspective .
Our content and programs serve mothers in their decluttering efforts.
Being kind and supportive are our core values. It is important for us to actively practice these values.

We recognize that mothers on a mission to declutter will be navigating through complicated socioeconomic statuses. Each individual will face their own beliefs and realities of access to resources, money, housing and food. We strive to create a comfortable place to address these real issues and experiences for families and support in making decisions on what to keep and not keep based on access to all resources.
Motherhood Simplified currently operates in the USA. As a new business we are laying a foundation of inclusivity in all ways possible.

Currently, Be The Bridge is who we learn our anti-racism practices from. Conversations for racial reconciliation are a part of our plans within our community. These meetings will be announced as Krista Lockwood, the founder, is still working through the curriculum.
If you want to participate in Be The Bridge and be a part of racial reconciliation go to

As a growing company, it is important for us to prioritize using our financial resources to continue to expand our offerings to meet the accessibility needs of all.

We dedicate a portion of our budget to purchase services and software to make our content accessible to all physical abilities.

If you have connections or resources for businesses to improve the readability and accessibility of websites, blogs and podcasts please contact Krista at