The different seasons of motherhood

Motherhood goes fast and changes about as quickly as seasons.

It seems like once we get comfortable and used to the way our lives and kids are, it changes. The only thing we know that will never change, is that everything will always change. Especially seasons of motherhood. 

In today's episode we talk about the different seasons of motherhood and what they require of us. As moms they are constantly changing and evolving BUT we can also get stuck in believing that we can't do certain things, or as much as we'd like because of that season.

I am here to tell you friend – you can just survive or you can thrive in ANY season, as long as you understand that it is just that – one short season. And you may have to allocate your time and energy differently based on that.

What are the seasons of motherhood?

Pregnancy and postpartum are the two easiest seasons to distinguish. They are seasons that are very demanding in all ways. 

Physically we know babies need a lot from us. Touch, being fed, being held consume the majority of this season of motherhood for us. 

In addition to being physically attached, our own bodies are physically intense. Hormones are at extremes, cravings are intense, in addition to not getting much sleep. 

This is a season where not much else is a priority other than physically caring for ourselves and our babies. As much as possible doing the bare minimum in this season of life is important.

I know this is easier said than done, especially if you are living in the United States where postpartum awareness and care is pretty non-existent. Give yourself grace above all else in this season.

As a mother of five I have comfort in knowing seasons of motherhood aren't all as demanding as the pregnancy and postpartum stage

Don't get me wrong, I love baby snuggles and smells. However, I really love when my kids are older and more independent. I don't mean independent in that they can put on their own shoes. I'm talking about being able to set an alarm and make their own food.

All seasons of motherhood are demanding in some ways. We all have our preferences of the seasons we love most. It's okay to have a favorite. 

It's even okay to be excited for one season, or part of a season to be over. I will be so relieved when my toddlers aren't attacking each other every day. It's exhausting for me to play referee all day. 

I love every season of my motherhood for different reasons, and I give myself the grace I need in each one

Right now, I am in a season of motherhood that requires me to switch from toddler mode, to tween mode. It's not easy. Both require a lot of attention from me throughout the day. This means I compartmentalize my time and days to meet their needs. I communicate to them when I am available, and what I am available for.

Commitment to both my family, myself, and everything else in my life is possible but only with clearly communicated boundaries and upholding those. 

Ask yourself how you can put boundaries up with your time and energy to create little pockets of time for the things that matter to you. Then use those pockets of time for how they are allocated. 

Know your personal limits, and stay clear of comparisonitis

In seasons of my life without babies and toddlers I can wake up at 5 am, workout, get my work done and have everything done for me before the kids wake up.

When I have babies and/or toddlers I can't do that. This is my limit, and I know this. Beyond just knowing this, I respect it and give myself grace within it. 

I do not want to do all the things, all the time. I only want to do the most important things when it makes sense and I am able to. Decluttering is one of the ways that I have created the space I need to only do the things that actualy matter to me. 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support