Two under two, a life update

Let's talk about seasons of mom life that can really rock our worlds, and specifically the two under two life. 

Specifically, let's talk about two under two. You know, when you have two babies back to back. Or maybe twins, or just having a baby, toddler and other kids at the same time. Because it's hard and I wan you to know you're not alone in feeling that way.
When I started Motherhood Simplified I had 3 big kids, and one baby. I was living life pretty well as far as juggling all the mom life and business, wife and friend things go.
I mostly taught decluttering. And I also taught simple routines an day to day flow. Like I do now, but I wish I would have articulate things differently when I was first starting my blog and podcast. 
Dishes and early mornings specifically.

For the most part, everything I teach and believe stay the same and sometimes I change my mind.

Here's the story…
I was starting a business, transitioning out of helping my husband with corporate recruiting.
There was a secret I knew moms would benefit from and wanted to tell them EVERYTHING. When I get focused, I hyper-focus and create very fast.
I was a machine. Daily live videos, writing blogs one handed, creating courses like crazy was how I spent my days. Then in between I was hosting free decluttering challenges. As well as making dinner, spending time with friends, and doing the things I enjoy like gardening, exercising and taking my kids on adventures.

I was mostly able to maintain it and live my “normal” life too. Meeting up with friends, raising small kids, working out somewhat regularly, eating pretty well, sleeping okay.

Then we had another baby and moved across the country. It was hard – all the reasons why. I was trying to maintain that same level of business creation while basically quadrupling my workload. Then we moved across the country again just before the pandemic.
I had to accept that I needed to say no to a lot. No to early mornings, no to daily, even weekly live videos. Then I had to say no some more.. and then even more. It felt like all the things I used to have time and space for, just didn't fit around the obligations I needed to maintain. 
It was really hard. I lost a lot of what made me feel like me. And I knew eventually I would turn a corner, and I did.

There are some things I wish I would have done differently, though.

I wish I had asked for more help instead of trying to power through. One thing I consistently do is overestimate what I am capable of doing. Can you relate?
I also wish I would have gotten out into our community more. It was hard to do at the start of a pandemic in a small town, but in hindsight I could have tried more in that area.
The truth is though, that we have to try and fail at these things. And that's what I teach in my course Motherhood Simplified.
This course is where I share the things I do, and have learned about how to manage all of this stuff as a mom.
And then I teach you how to do and try it too!
It covers everything from time management, to understanding your seasons of life to self advocacy and self care. I'd love to have you join.

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support