How to declutter with minimal time

With everything you have going on, I know you are like okay how do I add one more thing to my to do list?

You just want to know how to declutter with minimal time. I get it. As a mom of 5 kids, I am in the same boat.

However, I am tired of always trying to figure out how to do more with less. Whether it is time, money or energy, I am over it.

The world is always asking us to contract. What if you could expand? Instead of trying to do more with less, what if you were just able to create more?

I know, that's annoying, but let's talk tangible ways to create more time for yourself real quick

You NEED to take ownership of your time if you want to actually get to a place where you can regularly make the time you need.

Take stock of how you spend your time. Did you know that your phone will tell you how many hours a day you spend on it? That can be very telling, and helpful for you to figure out one quick way to give yourself more time. Boundaries with your phone use for sure.

Decluttering is actually one of the best ways to create more time for yourself

I'm serious. When my family and I moved from Alaska to Florida with one suitcase each I was overwhelmed with how much free time I had.

I was working longer hours, had less help and somehow still had more time than ever.

Our clutter creates a whole lot of time consuming work for us. So while it is difficult to carve out time for it, it is one of the only “home manangement” activities that GIVES you time back in your pocket.

When you organize your clutter, it's only a matter of time before you have to do it again. And it probably won't take much time at all for it to all come undone. 

Cleaning is just something that has to be done indefinitely as well.

Decluttering though? That's where the magic is. You are literally eliminating work for yourself and it is glorious. 

When you have the option to clean, organize, or declutter, choose to declutter

Because the other two will always be there waiting for you and demanding your attention. At least if you declutter, the cleaning is easier and the organizing is sustainable. 

If you want to get my 4 week decluttering plan and have your home clutter free in the fastest, most efficient and fun way possible then join us in Decluttering Simplified! You can declutter with minimal time so much faster when you have a plan like this one. 

You deserve to make having free time your new normal. 

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Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support