Stop shifting your clutter around, friend.

You know, that thing you do when you're unsure of what to do so you just move it from place to place trying to make it look organized and feel like you were productive?

Here's the thing.. You're not a terrible housekeeper. You just have too much stuff.

And maybe toddlers.

Decluttering Simplified helps you declutter your home, once and for all so you can finally stop cleaning up all day.

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Have you ever found yourself thinking these things?

  • What if I get rid of something, and we end up needing it? I should keep it.. you know, just in case.
  • All this stuff used to be money, and I need to sell it to make up that lost cost
  • Most of this stuff belongs to my kids and spouse, I can't do anything about it.
  • I feel so guilty and wasteful getting rid of perfectly usable stuff.
  • I like my stuff, and I don't really want to be a minimalist.
  • I get rid of things, and then my family and friends just bring more stuff over so what's the point?
  • Everything is special and I am SO sentimental
  • *Ghosted by another market place "buyer"

Decluttering Simplified is your 4 week decluttering plan.

Here's everything you get when you enroll

  • A customized plan with plug and play due dates to keep you on track
  • 4 week plan to declutter every area of your home
  • Built in accountability with wice a month live decluttering accountability zoom calls. These are FUN and effective!
  • PLUS a quarterly maintenance decluttering plan
  • Decluttering tutorials behind the scenes decluttering coaching with me
  • Checklists for every room in your home plus Trello or spreadsheet forms
  • BONUS: Free Facebook community with direct access to me for continued support


Get INSTANT access and start decluttering your home NOW!

Everyone loves some BONUSES!

It gets even better! When you purchase Decluttering Simplified, you'll also get exclusive access to some AMAZING bonuses!

TOY DECLUTTERING 101 ($67 Value)

The bonus course included for free, $67 value, Toy decluttering 101

This course automatically unlocks 30 days after your enrollment. Your decluttering accountability is built in and we give you the exact steps to follow AND keep you on time!

We drip these bonuses out to you this way to set you up for success. Once you get through the 4 week plan, you'll be ready for this and it will be SIMPLE!

What's in Toy Decluttering 101

  • A step by step process to deciding what toys to keep, and not keep
  • How to include your kids in the process, and help them with decision making
  • Toy organization solutions (post decluttering because we know that's step 1!)
  • Toy management moving forward, including toy rotation if you do that


The bonus course included for free, $67 value, Clothes Decluttering 101

This course automatically unlocks 60 days after your enrollment. Your decluttering accountability is built in and we give you the exact steps to follow AND keep you on time!

We drip these bonuses out to you this way to set you up for success. Once you get through the 4 week plan + toy decluttering 101, you'll be ready for this and it will be SIMPLE!

What's included in Clothes Decluttering 101:

  • How to declutter your clothes the simplest way possible
  • How to take inventory of what you have, so you know what you need
  • How to "shop your stash" and create a workable wardrobe based on sizes, seasons, styles, and ages
  • How to store clothes for future kids/sizes/seasons
  • BONUS: behind the scenes of how I shop for my kids

LIVE co-decluttering sessions

Twice a month we meet via Zoom and declutter together for 35 minutes!

Here's how it works:

  • You follow your 4 week decluttering plan, and bonus course content.
  • Show up to the sessions with a plan for what you'll be decluttering
  • I play our signature decluttering soundtrack
  • We declutter together
  • BONUS: our kids dance to the music and have fun showcasing the clutter leaving while we hang together!

Decluttering is hard, I know.

NOT decluttering is harder. Living in that constant state of overwhelm with no end in sight is now way to spend your ONE season of motherhood.

Decluttering Simplified will teach you the exact steps to clear your clutter fast, make decisions on what to keep and not keep, and find that happy balance of enough stuff but not too much.


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Imagine this...

  • Clearing massive amounts of clutter from your home, quickly.
  • Learnin to view decluttering as a skill to practice.
  • Feeling lighter, and freer in your own home.
  • Having a home that works for you, not against you.
  • Changing your spending and consumption habits - which means saving MONEY because you have decluttered.
  • Learning how to manage the stuff in your home moving forward so that you can include your family in the process.
  • Knowing exactly what you have, and where it goes.
  • Leading your family toward a life of simplicity.

Do you want this for your home?

  • Having so much free time and energy, you almost don't know what to do with it.
  • Having more mental and emotional bandwidth to discover what kind of life you really want to live.
  • Embracing the messes, and not just pretending to embrace them.
  • Have less messes to clean up to begin with.
  • Having a place for everything in your home, and having everything in it's place.
  • Less nagging your family to help you.
  • Not panicking over unexpected guests.
  • Taking photos inside your home without strategically watching what's showing in the background.
  • Taking back your weekends, because you're all caught up on housework!
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"A big breakthrough for me was realizing how much peace the clutter in our home was stealing from us. Thankful to be off the hamster wheel and to be a bringer of contentment and peace in my home now"

Leah, mom of 3

"You would be surprised how much better you feel decluttering. I honestly could cry I feel so relieved."

Kaitlyn, mom of 4

You can totally do this - even if you have kids at home.

The Decluttering Simplified Framework gives you exactly what you need to have a clutter free home, the simplest way possible.

Here is how to course is formatted for your success.


  • I break it down into bite sized pieces for you. As moms we don't get huge stretches of time to do this. We need doable and impactful steps to take.
  • Then I map out your decluttering steps. Take those bite sized pieces and put them in order so you don't jump from place to place, or just shift your clutter around your home.
  • Set your timeline. Have a plan for when you will complete those steps. If you don't set a time limit, you'll be decluttering forever.


  • The first step is to commit to yourself. You have to want this for yourself, and take personal responsibility for your home.
  • Follow through. The reason we struggle with too much to do is often because we don't follow through. All you have to do is finish what you start.
  • Have a check in system. Decluttering simplified has built in accountability with checklists, timed content, AND best of all twice a month co-decluttering sessions to meet up with you.
    The community is also the perfect place to find a decluttering buddy.
    And if you want more 1:1 support you can always upgrade with me as your personal guide.


  • Have fun. Decluttering doesn't have to suck. When you have a plan and accountability it becomes so much more enjoyable.
  • Trust yourself. Decluttering is just getting rid of your excess stuff. You know exactly what to do.
  • Include your family. It's more fun when you are working in the same direction.

It's time to clear your clutter, mama.


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"I cannot believe that I ACTUALLY decluttered my house. Thank you for your support, Krista."

Shannon, mom of 2

"I am so glad you made this course so easy to implement - even when my kids home with me all the time"

-Jessica, mom of 6

Want to see exactly how it looks and works?

Check out this quick video for a sneak peak and see how this course is designed!

Decluttering Simplified has every single thing you need to know to declutter your entire home.

  • Week one - we establish your dates, commit to the plan and declutter the surfaces in your home. I also teach you the decluttering life cycle and strategies to use throughout this course. Bonus surface decluttering demonstrations are provided so you know exactly how to do this.
  • Week two - we do a deep dive into kitchens, and bathrooms. We also focus on mindset in regards to just in case, what if, and the wasted money and resources.
  • Week three - we move into the bedrooms and living spaces. This is when we also work on toys and clothes. I also teach best practices on selling your clutter now.
  • Week four - we begin to wind down and prepare for NOT decluttering and enjoying your transformed home. Yes, this is something you will need to be coached on how to do! This is week is also about the storage areas in your home (garages, basements, etc).
  • Toy Decluttering 101 This bonus course unlocks 30 days after your enrollment. This is on purpose as I believe you need to lead by example first and declutter the rest of the home so you can show your kids what to do, not just say what to do. By this point you have also had experience and practice in decluttering and are ready to master the toy decluttering.
  • Clothes Decluttering 101 -This bonus course unlocks 60 days after your enrollment. Clothes are one of the biggest projects for moms and after serving hundreds of moms I created this course to help master the clothes management system in your home.
  • Maintenance mode decluttering - This bonus course unlocks 90 days after your enrollment date. It is a simple and effective strategy to making those final decisions on the clutter you have left.
  • No more telling yourself you'll declutter "later" - the longer you avoid doing this, the harder it gets. I can help you make it really simple.
  • Let some of your overwhelm go by getting support - I'll be in your ear supporting, encouraging and telling you exactly what to do first, next and last.
  • Finally let go of your excuses and also sometimes very valid reasons that need put in their place and DECLUTTER YOUR HOME.

What are you waiting for, Mama?!
This system is the answer to your decluttering struggles!

And, your kids are excited to be getting a fun, not-stressed-out Mama who can't wait to actually play WITH them, instead of be in a grumpy mood because the messes are so overwhelming.


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You aren't a bad housekeeper, or mom, you just have too much stuff.

Here's what I see time and time again.

  • We believe that more, is better, and that WE are the problem. We need to be more organized, or better at juggling it all, and that's just not true.
  • We need less

Here's what I know.

  • You can't organize clutter in a sustainable way, and a bigger house won't solve the issue.
  • You aren't a bad housekeeper, you just have too much stuff to manage.
  • You don't need to do more, or better - you need less.


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Go to bed with a clean house, and not because you cleaned all day.

Hi, I'm Krista, and my goal is to help moms declutter their homes without feeling like they need to be a full blown minimalist.

I'm a mom just like you who has decluttered her entire home. I don't teach decluttering in theory, and I will never ask you to do something in your home that I have not done myself.

In 2013 my husband and I moved our family of (then 5) from Alaska to Florida with only one suitcase each. While I don't think that should be the goal, I will teach you how to get honest with yourself about what you do have, and how to let go of what isn't serving you.

I'm here to help you find that sweet spot of having enough, but not too much.

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"This course and philosophy has completely changed my home and life for the better"

-Emily, mom of 4

Let's take a closer look at Decluttering Simplified - all the details

With this step-by-step system, you'll declutter your ENTIRE home in no time!

Here's what you'll love about this product:

  • Step-by-step video lessons I will teach you how to make decisions on what to keep, and not keep. When you get stuck I will show you how to move forward.
  • Systematic process for decluttering your entire home you start by completing the 4 week decluttering plan
  • 30 days after enrollment you will gain access Toy Decluttering 101 the bonus course you use to master and refine the toy decluttering, organization, rotation and management moving forward in your clutter free home
  • 60 days after enrollment you will gain access to Clothes Decluttering 101 the bonus course you will use to master and refine the laundry and clothes in your home moving forward in your clutter free home
  • Twice a month co-decluttering sessions you, me, the other moms and their kids decluttering LIVE together via Zoom and my custom made decluttering play list. We declutter together WITH our kids, and have FUN while we do it.
  • The fool-proof method to start, and then finish decluttering your home

You don't have to choose between time with your kids or a clean home.

You can have both, and having both makes them both so much sweeter.


We know you're a busy mom, so we've made the modules of the course super easy for you to finish & implement! All videos are 5 minutes or less!


I have done my best to make this process non-intimidating and inviting for the whole family. Listen together if you want! My kids make cameos in my courses often!


Listen right from your phone and have everything you need at your fingertips. Declutter while you listen!


Because your home is super easy to clean without putting in a lot of effort!

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Is Decluttering Simplified for you?

You'll LOVE this if:

This isn't for you if:

  • You want, no need, a solution for the toys in your home but don't know how
  • You're ready to pull up your sleeves and do a little bit of heavy lifting for long term results
  • Most of your mom life has been a constant push/pull tug of war with toys
  • You've tried decluttering toys before with no long term success
  • You aren't open to giving this a good effort for the sake of your home and life
  • You don't want to yet take ownership of being a gatekeeper of your home
  • You're looking for a quick fix, band-aid solution for toys
  • You don't like to have fun
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Here are what other happy moms are saying!

  • "I had 17 whisks. Who needs 17 whisks?"
  • "We just got a whole lot of hand me downs, and I am confident in letting some go because I know what we need, and don't need"
  • "Wow, my husband FINALLY said he was ready to declutter his closet #swoon"
  • "Is it weird that my kids seem to be playing nicer with each other since decluttering?"
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I don't have a lot of time to declutter, will this work for me?

Yes! I have five kids, everything I ever teach and practice comes from a place of reality of raising kids and being productive. I get this life completely and can both acknowledge that it is challenging for you AND give you loving kick in the pants to get going.

How do I keep my kids from noticing something is missing?

I won't lie to you and say that I advocate for doing this in a sneaky way. This course will encourage and support you in including them in this process with integrity.

How do I know what is worth selling, donating or trashing?

This is all a part of the course, and I will show you how to make these decisions in the most efficient way possible.

I'm worried about spending money on this, is it worth it?

I can't answer that for you, but I can say that the moms who purchase this course and implement the steps inside it get more than a clean home in return. Most have a total transformation with their relationship with money and spending habits and begin to save more, pay off debt and spend less.

What if my family isn't on board?

A big part of decluttering is learning to be a leader of your home. I will teach you how to take ownership of what you can, take action on that and surrender the rest. And lead your family with dignity and grace.


If you aren't happy with this program, I'm not happy taking your money.

If within 14 days of your purchase and implementing the steps laid out for you in this program you can request a full refund and we will happily refund you.

We are so confident in this system, and past results of other moms like you who have done it that you will want to keep it forever - and tell all your friends!

If you've made it this far you owe it to yourself to do this.

  • Your kids aren't going to stop growing and you only get one season of motherhood - what if this program made that super easy for you to maintain your toys?
  • What if you got this program and by next week the toys were decluttered so much you could just relax instead of try and catch up?
  • What if you got this program, and your kids thanked you for making it so fun to play again? This happens often by the way for the moms in this course.
  • Or were able to sell your clutter and got some cash in your pocket AND relief from the messes?

Wouldn't that be worth it?

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Decluttering Simplified!

  • Instant and lifetime access to this digital course (value $279)
  • My Trello Inventory board and training included (value $30)
  • Declutter your entire home in 6 weeks or less (value $99)
  • Bonus FAQ session with me answering the top questions about toy decluttering (value $49)
  • Bonus trainings included from guest experts

Total value: $457
Today's price: $229