Morning routines do they suck or nah

Morning routines for moms can be a complicated conversation.

I know because when I first started Motherhood Simplified I had an amazing morning routine. The kind where I woke up before the kids. My mornings were a time for me to be personally productive, and do the things I love to do. At the time I had one infant, and three mostly self sufficient older children. To get the full transcript of this episode click here.

However, one year into this business I had another baby. I remembered how challenging life with two new children in two years really was. Here are some lessons I have learned about morning routines as a mom.

Morning routines are to stabilize your basic needs.

A mom inside of the MoSi (motherhood simplified) commented on a post I made about morning routines that hers is to stabilize her basic needs. Read the comments on that post here. This, to me, is genius. It allows for so much flexibility for moms. It also has such a clear purpose. Stabilize our basic needs.

Our basic needs change based on the season of life we are in. Sometimes my basic needs are to sleep in with the baby because I am physically exhausted. Other seasons of life my needs are to have a creative outlet. Thank you Christy for sharing priceless perspective!

You can have alternate routines to follow.

Another mom inside of the Facebook group said she has a routine for when the kids are with her, and one for when they are not. Again, the MoSi moms are genius, right?!

I have started implementing this already. My older toddler sleeps through the night now and is on a pretty predictable sleep scheduled. The younger toddler, not so much. Some mornings she will sleep in and I can get a lot done. Other mornings she up before the sun and I want to prioritize making her feel welcome in my space. Those mornings I slow down and re-evaluate my bare minimums.

Mom life changes quickly. Seasons come and go. At this point in my motherhood, five kids later, I finally give myself grace in not doing everything all the time. Trusting that I will still arrive in exactly the right place. My worth in my motherhood is not reliant on my morning routines.

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