Let’s get honest about the decluttering excuses we all have

Because let me tell you, you are not the only one who can come up with a million and one creative excuses not to declutter!

Here’s the thing though, if you don’t confront those excuses and root issues for why you keep choosing your excuses over what you really want, you’ll stay stuck.

Give yourself permission to declutter right now. If you can’t here’s  a piece of permission pie from me!

For some crazy reason, as mothers we think we aren’t worthy of  a clutter free home. We carry guilt over the way we were raised and needing to carry that on. Society fills our head with the narrative that we need to do it all,  and perfectly no less. 

Busy becomes a part of our identity and we have no idea who we would be if our homes were easy to maintain and the clutter wasn’t suffocating. 

Basically, a whole lot of people who aren’t ourselves living our best lives tell us we can’t declutter and guess what?

You can!!

Fluffed up excuses just hold you back and make you FEEL safe.

If you convince yourself you don’t have enough time, money or energy to declutter, you won’t have to try. If you don’t try, then you avoid potentially failing. That means your safe.

If you don’t try, you also avoid making a mistake like accidentally getting rid of something you might need later. You might also avoid hurting the feelings of family and friends who gifted you something.  Again, though look at what’s happening. 

The decisions you end up making, and excuses you tell yourself are being made based on someone else’s expectation for YOUR life. Not what you really want.

It’s okay to want a clutter free, beautiful home.

It’s not superficial and no one will judge you for it. If it feels like they are judging you for it, it’s just them projecting self judgment onto you. That aside though, decluttering is one of the LEAST superficial things you can do and here’s why.

When you declutter you are allowing yourself to have an abundance of time, energy, even money to give back to the world. When you are drowning in clutter you are operating in scarcity. 

Your excuses keep you operating in scarcity. You are literally telling yourself you don’t have enough time. Money. Energy. You are contracting and shrinking away from what you really want, and when you declutter you are expanding. 

You are creating MORE of what you want, and letting go of what you don’t want.

I know it is scary to ditch your excuses and allow yourself to have this clutter free life, but it’s scarier NOT to. 

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