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post holiday decluttering

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Episode Description:

In today's episode, I am re-releasing a past episode that is perfect for the post holiday clutter. One thing I often hear moms say is how overwhelmed they are following the holidays because of all of the new toys and items received during the holiday season. In this episode, I share three tips for post-holiday decluttering.

1. Everyone just got a lot of new stuff.

While I don't always advocate for the trickster method of decluttering. This is one exception. You know your kids are excited by the new! So use that to your advantage and negotiate getting rid of some older, less loved, rarely used things.

The post holiday decluttering window is pretty small, so act as quickly as possible!

2. Show your family that you just don't have room for it all.

This works all year round. But it really makes the most sense to SHOW them right now. Prior to the inflow of new things during the holidays, space was probably pretty tight already.

The toy shelves were already super full. Bedrooms probably were hard to keep clean… and now? There is even more to pile on top of what was already there.

Show your family that practically speaking, it just won't all fit. Keep the new, keep the genuinely played with and loved. And get rid of what doesn't fit. And what can't easily be kept clean and organized.

3. Start preparing for the next post holiday decluttering season now.

Prepare for the winter in the summer is something my good friend tells me often. Which means if you want the next holiday season to be less stuff, and more memories start laying the foundation now.

Everything that went well, and that you want to change is fresh in your mind. Start having conversations with your family and friends about your values and how you want to live every day.

Because here is the thing about having conversations with family and friends about how you are handling the holidays…

It's an extension of how you live your every day life! You want simplicity, connection, and quality time every day. It's just amplified during the holidays because everyone is focusing on it so much more.

When you start creating a home and life you want every day, now it becomes normal. People come to expect that this is how you live, so when the next post holiday decluttering season hits you will be at ease knowing that you got through it with ease.

Main Topics Covered in Today's Episode:

  • Why post-holiday is the best time of year to leverage decluttering for toys
  • 3 post-holiday decluttering tips
    • Take the opportunity to compare old stuff to new stuff, and potentially let the old stuff go
    • Talk to your family (specifically kids) about the space available 
    • Start laying the foundation for the next holiday season right now


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