how to declutter after the holidays

The holidays bring an cute awareness off of how badly we need to declutter. 

Piles of new stuff dominate piles of old stuff. Our everyday overwhelm from clutter is amplified by at least one hundred and it's often the breaking point for many. Maybe you're reading this because you searched something along the lines of ” how to declutter after the holidays ” because you too, are at your breaking point.

The good news? I've got your back. The better news… all my best tips are below.

Here's the thing, this holiday season is meant to be enjoyed. 

The first offering I want to give you is one of full permission to rest, and enjoy your family, things and realize what a blessing it is to have too much stuff. 

We are so provided for, and we are so blessed. And sometimes that blessing can still feel like a curse. 

Make a list of what worked, and what didn't work for you this holiday season.

Then make a list of what you want to be different next year and how you'll make it happen. 

Maybe your daily living situation feels like a never ending to do list. The clutter piles never get smaller. You organize the toys and they all come undone in minutes.

So the holidays feel rushed, stressful, and something you dread.

How much money did you spend? Too much? That's okay too. 

Was Christmas morning a blur or open, NEXT, open, NEXT and leave you feeling a little hollow wondering what the point of all the stuff is?

Write it all down. There's not shame in facing the reality of what happened. In fact it's essential.

We must have clarity about what we don't want. Only then can we know what we do want. 

Now, write down how you want your holiday next year to be like. How will it feel? What forms of structure and accountability will you put in place?

Will you declutter before  12/20/2021? I hope so! Decluttering Simplified can help you get it done in just four weeks by the way!

And let's just talk about toys real quick

*Toy decluttering is usually where moms want to start first. It's often the most in our face messes that consumes most of our time. So we want to get rid of it first.

However, even after the holidays, I believe toys should not be done first. For very specific reasons.

Our kids are not the ones responsible for what is in the home, or for what stays and goes.

They did not buy the toys, or accept them from well meaning family and friends. Yes, they may ask for them, but ultimately as the parents we are the ones who decided what comes in or not. 

And I have never seen a home that has only toy clutter. There is so many other areas of the home to declutter first, and I believe we need to lead by example.

Declutter some of your stuff first. Focus on other areas of the home. 

Have you ever had a boss, or authority figure who said one thing and did another? Did you take them seriously or want to follow their rules? Probably not.

The same is true for your kids! The last thing we want to do is make our kids like it's their fault the home is cluttered, and punish them for something they did not have control over.

Do as I say, not as I do is lame. Your kids deserve a leader who walks their walk! And you deserve to experience integrity and the sustainability of your decluttering efforts by doing this for yourself first. 

Decluttering is also a skill. 

How can you teach something that you don't know how to do? As I'm writing this it's 2020 and I have learned first hand that I cannot teach my kids the lessons their learning in school without first teaching myself the content. 

It's okay to take some time to practice this. To see what it's really like to declutter. Your kids will appreciate your real world insight and ability to support them when it comes time to do the toys. 

Your personal responsibility in this is a must! 

Kids are people too with complex emotions and attachments to their things. You can learn to balance their autonomy with your responsibility as the gatekeeper of your home. Everyone can win!

And, if you want support in learning how to do this and to get access to a bonus toy decluttering workshop with me make sure to enroll in Decluttering Simplified!

You can learn more about it right here! 


Even if you have little time, energy or day to day support